UNL BeefWatch April 2016

Nebraska Ranch Practicum – Seeking Applications

Sharpen your decision-making and risk assessment skills to manage your ranch more profitably. The 2016 Nebraska Ranch Practicum gives ranchers cutting edge research in range livestock production from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Natural resources, livestock management, and economic reality are integrated throughout the Practicum.

During the three-season UNL Extension class, partici Continue reading…

Grazing Winter Small Grains

Small grain pastures can be an extremely useful resource.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.Small grains planted last fall are greening up and may be ready to graze soon. This spring, let’s make sure these pastures are productive and safe.

Did you look ahead and plant rye or triticale or even wheat last fall to use as early pasture this spring? If so, you soon will be rew Continue reading…

Colostrum Helps Newborn Calves

 Antibodies in colostrum provide calves with their initial protection.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.Colostrum, or first milk produced by the mother after birth, is high in nutrients and antibodies. A newborn calf lacks disease protection because antibodies do not pass across the cow’s placenta to the fetus’ circulatory system. Antibodies in colostrum provide calves with their initial protection. Continue reading…

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