FCH Business Center Announcements

In the business process discussions with BSE faculty and the staff, the Business Center has received a lot of feedback about the need to have a training on SAP financial reports. In order to assist you with becoming more familiar with the reports, the business center will be hosting two training sessions to discuss how to read SAP financial reports and how to use those reports to better manage your funding sources. If you are interested in learning about the reports, please come to one of the sessions below:
Monday, April 15, 2:30 – 3:30pm, CHA 219

FCH Business Center will be shifting duties around and will back-fill with an additional staff position in FCH. Here are some of the high-level changes being made:

Ly Tran will take on the overall department-level responsibilities previously held by Lauren Madsen (i.e. department-level reporting, oversight of FCH, etc.). For all questions that you used to direct to Lauren, please direct them to Ly. Ly will move into the office in 205 FYH effective May 1.

Shannon Stava will take on the financial management responsibilities previously held by Ly Tran. Shannon will move into Ly’s office in 247 CHA effective May 1. She will continue to manage payroll for the time being. Please coordinate with Shannon or Mindy Weis if you need new hire paperwork completed.

Nick Von Busch will eventually take on management of payroll and some financial management responsibilities. For the time being, please continue to work with Nick as you have in the past and once we are ready to make this shift, Ly Tran will communicate further.

Lauren Madsen's phone number (2-2301) will be discontinued effective 4/12/19. All FCH staff will keep their existing phone numbers.