Achievements for March 2023.
Achievements for March 2023.

In the latest installment of this recurring feature, which appears in the COE Update on the third Monday of each month, we recognize some of the recent accomplishments, awards and honors earned by College of Engineering faculty, staff and students:


  • In a recently published book, Jiashi Yang outlines new methods of approaching studies of elastic, thermal, electric, and magnetic interactions in solids.
  • Team of CEE, BSE and USDA researchers has paper published in Communications Earth & Environment.
  • CEE team, led by Jongwan Eun and Yusong Li, has paper published in MDPI’s journal Water.
  • ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering publishes Junke Guo paper on the design hydrographs in small watersheds.



If you know of faculty, staff or students who have been awarded major grants or awards, been published in prestigious journals, were recognized with awards at conferences or other events, or any other newsworthy achievements, please contact Karl Vogel – – with the information so it can be included in future editions.