Sign up now for Bridging Big Data 2023 workshop, set for Friday

The Bridging Big Data 2023 workshop (BBD 2023) will be held Friday May 26, beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Nebraska East Union.

BBD 2023 will bring together bridge dataset owners, data instrumentation providers, big data solution providers, and academics to discuss current and future trends in data-informed intelligent infrastructure health monitoring techniques at the network’s edge.

The morning keynote will focus on current capability gaps and new approaches needed to support the concept of “persistent” engineer intelligence and how data, technology, and engineering can be used to continuously monitor the built infrastructure at the network’s edge. Next, a panel of leading experts will discuss present approaches to support intelligent infrastructure health monitoring applications including lessons learned and future directions.

During Lunch, lightning talks and demonstrations will feature technologies and data products that improve infrastructure health assessment. In the afternoon, a second Panel on "Autonomy at the Edge: Needs and Emerging Solutions" will discuss the need for autonomy in decision-making for infrastructure health at the network’s edge and the current needs and emerging solutions.

More information about the workshop and registration (no cost) are available at the link below. Space is limited, so register as soon as possible.

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