Enroll in Russian courses

RUSS 408: Russian in Mass and Social Media
RUSS 408: Russian in Mass and Social Media

Students interested in learning the Russian language or more about Russian culture should consider enrolling in the following courses:

RUSS 101: Main emphasis on the development of comprehension of written and spoken Russian; reading of simple texts; oral and aural drill supplemented by practice in language laboratory. Students who are interested in learning Russian can enroll in RUSS 101 online this spring.

RUSS 102: Continuation of RUSS 101. Grammar, word structure, idioms. RUSS 102 will be offered in the summer online.

RUSS 203 (Russian in Popular Culture): Emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and developing communicative skills through watching and discussing Russian popular music, animation, television, and art. Russian-speaking students do not need to complete any prerequisites to enroll in this class.

RUSS 408 (Russian in Mass and Social Media): This course was designed both for the learners of Russian and for the native and heritage speakers. Students learn how Russian is used in political and business spheres, in journalism, mass and social media. They also acquire important cultural knowledge. Native/heritage speakers don’t need to complete any prerequisites for this course, but they do need a permission code that they can request. Additionally, this course satisfies ACE 10 requirement, and can be taken as an elective.

Learn more about the courses in the university Course Catalog. Contact Russian professor and Russian program head and coordinator Olha Tytarenko with any questions at olha.tytarenko@unl.edu.