174 Husker undergrads receive stipends for summer research projects

Eddie Dominguez, professor of art, works with UCARE student Kinga Aletto in August 2020.
Eddie Dominguez, professor of art, works with UCARE student Kinga Aletto in August 2020.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 174 Husker undergraduates — including six School of Computing students — to participate in research with a faculty mentor this summer.

Nebraska’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) Program supports undergraduates to work with faculty mentors in research or creative activities. Students receive stipends of $2,400 to engage in intensive research or creative activity for 20 hours per week. The students’ projects span academic disciplines including engineering, chemistry, modern languages and literatures, psychology, art and art history, architecture, special education, and fisheries and wildlife.

Students from the Nebraska Summer Research Program and UCARE will present posters on their research and creative activities at a campus research symposium on Aug. 5. For more information on undergraduate research at Nebraska, click here.

Following is a list of computing students who received summer UCARE awards, with their year in school, academic major(s) and project title:
• Aaron Linnell, senior, computer engineering, “Assessing How Developers Detect Defects in UML Class Diagrams.”
• Jay Patel, junior, computer science, “Efficiently Testing the Hardware Implementation of Network Protocols.”
• Thomas Walton, senior, computer science, “Understanding the Algorithmic and Dataset Biases in Deep Learning.”
• Divsirat Singh, sophomore, computer science, “Social Media Data Mining of Health (Mis)Information.”
• Simreen Kaur, junior, computer science, “Assessment and Improvement of Next-Generation Transcriptome Assembly.”
• Justin Ho, senior, computer science, “Understanding Knowledge Creation and Dissemination from a Graph Perspective.”

More details at: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/174-husker-undergrads-receive-stipends-for-summer-research-projects/