Attend NTC seminar with Qiang Liu this Friday

Qiang Liu
Qiang Liu

Transportation Engineering Seminar Series: Dr. Qiang Liu
Friday, September 15
11–11:50 AM
Nebraska Hall (NH) Room 404 (in person), Lincoln
Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) Room 160 (remote), Omaha

"High-Scalable Real-Time Cooperative Perception Towards Safe Autonomous Driving"

Cooperative perception is the key approach to augment the perception of ego vehicle toward safe autonomous driving. However, it is challenging to achieve real-time perception sharing for hundreds of vehicles in large-scale deployment scenarios. In this talk, we introduce AdaMap, a new high-scalable real-time cooperative perception system, which achieves guaranteed end-to-end latency under time-varying network dynamics. To achieve AdaMap, we design a tightly coupled data plane and control plane. In the data plane, we design a new hybrid localization module to dynamically switch between object detection and tracking, and a novel encoder-decoder representation module to adaptively compress and recover the point cloud of detected objects. In the control plane, we design a new graph-based object selection method to un-select excessive multi-viewed point clouds of objects, and a novel approximated gradient descent algorithm to optimize the representation factor of point clouds.

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