Enroll in CSCE 492/892: Digital Communication Systems

Enroll in CSCE 492/892: Digital Communication Systems.
Enroll in CSCE 492/892: Digital Communication Systems.

CSCE 492/892: Digital Communication Systems
Instructor: Sasitharan Balasubramaniam
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:30am – 12:20pm
347 Avery Hall

This course will dive into the mechanism of information transmission through a communication medium using digital forms, which is one of the underpinning technologies for various communication systems that is part of the Internet today. As signals are transmitted, they will encounter various forms of distortion within the channel and interfered from noise effects. The aim of this course is to understand these effects and to design efficient communication systems.

The course is designed for students in both computer science and engineering. The course will touch on the main theoretical aspects of each element of the digital communication system. The course is designed with lectures and in class exercise problems that will be presented by the instructor. The course will cover introduction to the elements and components that is part of a digital communication systems, various forms of coding (source and channel coding), discrete memory channel, decoder models and detection techniques, mutual information and channel capacity, various forms of digital modulation, and brief run through signals and systems. Towards the end of the course, a few example systems that utilizes digital communication systems that are used in wireless communication systems as well as computer systems will be presented to bridge to the theory taught in class. The course will include 2 exams, 5 – 6 homework assignments, as well as one project.

For further information, please e-mail queries to the instructor at sasi@unl.edu.