"How to Build Your Idea Network" webinar tomorrow

"How to Build Your Idea Network" will be the first in the 2024 Pathways to Impact series, hosted by NUtech Ventures.
"How to Build Your Idea Network" will be the first in the 2024 Pathways to Impact series, hosted by NUtech Ventures.

This webinar, hosted by NUtech Ventures, is targeted at any UNL faculty, postdoc, student, or staff who would like to learn the process of developing a network around their innovative idea that can support and propel that idea forward. The idea network is meant to be dynamic and transient in nature. One might actively engage with several idea networks at the same time.

Learning objectives:
1. Understanding stakeholder roles
2. Mapping stakeholder universe
3. Identifying problem- and solution- spaces
4. Systematically assessing your network and mapping it onto the stakeholder universe
5. Identifying gaps in the idea network
6. Experience using these concepts during the workshop

This will be an interactive webinar with much of the time spent in a small group workshop atmosphere. Please come ready to actively participate!
• Date: Thursday, January 18th, 2024
• Time: 11:30am-12:30pm central time
• Location: Zoom link will be sent to all registrants the morning of the event

Register online: https://go.unl.edu/build-your-idea-network

What is the Pathways to Impact Series?
Pathways to Impact workshops are designed to help researchers think about impact beyond the laboratory and the publication. The workshops will help PhD students, PostDocs, and Faculty members at universities adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to question how they ultimately hope their research and careers will make an impact. Unlike the Local, Regional, and National I-Corps programs, participants in Pathways to Impact workshops are not expected to have a technology commercialization idea in mind.

Benefits of the Program
• Provide participants with a new framework to view their research goals.
• Expose participants to the entrepreneurial mindset, and how it can help guide their research and career.
• Inspire researchers to explore–through outside stakeholders and their own community–how their research/discoveries might be implemented for societal impact.
• Provide a set of tools to shape participants’ research objectives to be more use-inspired and impactful.
• Reduce psychological barriers and conceptual misunderstandings about innovation that prevent people from seeing themselves as inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Watch for more Pathways to Impact workshops coming in 2024!

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More details at: https://go.unl.edu/build-your-idea-network