NebraskaMATH Newsletter - January 2013

The Stable Marriage Problem

Jennie PremerReaders of this newsletter are likely to be aware of the vastness of the applications of mathematics, but can it really be used in the context of stable marriages? To find out, check out a paper written by Jennie Premer (8th grade mathematics teacher for Omaha Public Schools) at the link below.

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NCTM: Guide to Twitter for educators

Educators are increasingly using Twitter to connect and share resources and insight, asserts Amy Erin Borovoy, Edutopia's digital media curator. In this blog post, she offers resources to help teachers use Twitter in the classroom. Continue reading…

TIMSS results released

AMTEThe 2011 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) results have been released, assessing the mathematics and science knowledge and skills of fourth- and eighth-graders internationally. Continue reading…

NCTM offers Dynamic Paper website

Use NCTM's "Dynamic Paper" resource to create pages such as this.A powerful NCTM resource, Dynamic Paper, allows you to create nets, graphs, spinners, pattern blocks, tessellations, and much more — then export the images for use in Word or PowerPoint, or download an 8.5" × 11" PDF ready for student use. Continue reading…

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