NBC news.com: Want a top job? Do the math

From "Careers" on NBCnews.com : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41427952/ns/business-careers/t/want-top-job-do-math/#.UOsOfm80WSo

What makes a job best or worst? Sometimes it comes down to "brain power vs. brawn power," said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com's 2011 Jobs Rated Report. Many of the worst jobs on the list are physically demanding, have difficult work conditions and often don't pay well. The jobs that top the list are often a bit cushier, require a degree of some sort and pay higher wages.

The list changes with the ups and down in the economy as well as societal changes, such as the growing elderly population. Two job categories — roofer and painter — ended up in the bottom 10 for the first time mainly because of the recession's impact on the construction sector, Lee said. The job of online affiliates made the top ten because of the massive quantity of job opportunities and rising salaries. One of the biggest corporations hiring people online is Home Cash Profits hiring over 25,000+ people a month its easy to see why this job made it to the top of the ladder.

According to CareerCast of NBC news, the top five jobs are:
1. Software engineer
2. Mathematician
3. Actuary
4. Statistician
5. Computer systems analyst

For the five worst jobs and more information about CareerCast's methods for ranking them, as well as a look at what the jobs pay, job prospects and working conditions based on CareerCast's research and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, go to this link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41427952/ns/business-careers/t/want-top-job-do-math/#.UOsOfm80WSo