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NMSSI TEAC 890, Summer 2012
NMSSI TEAC 890, Summer 2012

Register now for Nebraska Math & Science Summer Institutes (NMSSI) courses and apply for a fellowship. The Nebraska Math & Science Summer Institutes (NMSSI) 2013 catalog of courses for math and science teachers is now available online for you to browse, and official registration through Teach Nebraska or MyRed is now open. The NMSSI Fellowship Application is open as well, with a final deadline of May 20.

We are partnering with Nebraska's ESUs to offer 35 courses for K-12 mathematics teachers in 12 Nebraska locations. Registration for summer courses is now open in MyRed for teachers who have taken a course in the past year, or through Teach Nebraska if you have not taken a course in the past year. Visit for a complete list of courses and for information on how to register.

For all NMSSI courses (that are not section 200, 700 or 900 online courses), Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a fellowship equal to 20 percent of the cost of in-state graduate tuition. Supplemental fellowships are also available on a competitive basis to further defray the cost of tuition and fees. Visit our website at for more information about how to apply for these fellowships.

As an additional benefit, lunch will be provided for teachers at all NMSSI sites.

Be a life-long learner. Check out our website and find out which courses will benefit you.

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