NebraskaMATH celebrates Heaton's award at AMTE


Ruth Heaton, PI of NebraskaMATH, won the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators: 2016 Nadine Bezuk Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service in Mathematics Teacher Education in January. The award is given once every three years and is named after the long-serving executive director of AMTE, Dr. Nadine Bezuk. Several NebraskaMATH leaders celebrated with her in California.

In the top picture (L to R) is: back row: Dr. Jim Lewis (UNL/NSF), Dr. Amanda Thomas (UNL, TLTE), Erica Miller (UNL grad student in Math), Josh Males (LPS), middle row: Dr. Mary Alice Carlson (Montana State), Dr. Wendy Smith (UNL, CSMCE), Dr. Yvonne Lai (UNL, Math), Dr. Matt Larson (LPS and incoming president of NCTM), front row: Dr. Heather Hill (ETS), Dr. Ruth Heaton (UNL, TLTE), Dr. Denise Spangler (Associate Dean and Math Education Professor at the University of Georgia), Dr. Lorraine Males (UNL, TLTE)

In the bottom picture (L to R) is: Dr. Amanda Thomas, Josh Males, Dr. Lorraine Males, Dr. Ruth Heaton, Dr. Matt Larson, Dr. Jim Lewis, Dr. Mary Alice Carlson, Dr. Nadine Bezuk (San Diego State).

AMTE is the national organization of mathematics teacher educators. In 2016, over 650 mathematics teacher educators attended the annual conference, held in Irvine, California. AMTE only gives two awards per year: an early career award, and an award that rotates among teaching, leadership & service, and research.