Indian Hill math lessons add parents to the equation

Julia Nagy/The World-Herald
Julia Nagy/The World-Herald

The national news "Math Education SmartBrief" picked up the story about Indian Hill of OPS and Matthew Timm in the Omaha World-Herald on Oct. 22: "Some parents at a Nebraska elementary school are going back to class to learn more about the school's approach to math instruction."

The story, "Indian Hill math lessons add parents to the equation, teaching families so they can help their kids," by Erin Duffy describes how every other Thursday, math coach Timm, social worker Margie Hernandez and bilingual liaison Cindy Aguirre lead a math class for parents, most of whom are bilingual or Spanish-speaking.

Timm, with Aguirre translating, digs into the basics of elementary math — multiplication, subtraction, fractions, to help parents who asked to be more looped in on the lessons. Timm thinks Indian Hill is one of the few schools holding regular math classes for parents.

Timm is a Math in the Middle graduate and a Noyce Master Teaching Fellow working on his Ed.D. at UNL.

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