Espresso machine delights East Campus crowd

Dairy Store employee and UNL senior Sarah Ward steams milk for an espresso.
Dairy Store employee and UNL senior Sarah Ward steams milk for an espresso.

UNL Dairy Store patrons are waking up to smell the coffee brewing on East Campus this summer.

Not just any cup of joe, but specialty brews like espressos, lattes and coffee-ice cream shakes, now offered with the Dairy Store’s La Spaziale gourmet espresso machine.

Flavors available include hazelnut, English toffee, butterscotch and amaretto, among others. The store obtains the beans locally through Mo Java Café and Roasting Company.

Kathy Grimmette, a senior environmental studies major from Elgin, Ill., and Dairy Store barista, said she’s seen a regular following of East Campus patrons looking for a morning or early afternoon pick-me-up since the store began offering the drinks in March.

“(Customers) get more variety than regular coffee — they can get any of the nine flavors they want,” Grimmette said. “And it really gives you a kick in the morning.”

One Dairy Store patron agreed as she sipped a mocha on a Monday morning.

“I come here often, though not always for coffee,” said Cheryl Griffith, Nebraska Women in Agriculture coordinator for UNL’s Ag-Econ department. “It’s a super addition to the Dairy Store, and they’re great coffee makers. I’ve had coffee all around town and I think it’s great.”

The store previously had an automated espresso maker, but Dairy Store manager Bryan Scherbarth decided to replace it with a machine run by hand.

“We made a conscious decision to go back to making coffee by hand, which is more in keeping with the Dairy Store’s approach and philosophy of hand-made products,” he said.

Grimmette’s favorite fix comes in the form of the Chai Tea Latte, brewed with Chai tea concentrate and steamed milk.

“I love tea, especially Chai tea,” she said. “It’s a spiced tea that’s got more of a kick to it, but it’s smooth and tastes really good.”

Dairy Store Coffee Menu
(Beverages offered in 12 oz. or 20 oz. sizes)
Brewed Coffee ($1.49/$1.85)
Espresso ($1.89/$2.99)
Americano ($2.09/$3.19)
Café au lait ($2.29/$3.29)
Latte/Cappuccino ($2.79/$3.79)
Red Eye ($3.18/$3.52)
Chai Tea Latte ($3.29/$4.29)
Coffee Shake (16 oz: $4.99)

Coffee Flavors (.50): Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Irish Cream, English Toffee, Butterscotch, Caramel, Amaretto

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