Schedule consultations for feedback on job documents

Would you like someone to review your job documents (e.g., CV, resume, cover letter, teaching statements, etc.)? Would you like someone to provide feedback on your personal or research statements that might be part of fellowship applications? Or someone to come and observe your teaching?

Graduate Studies can fulfill these requests if you schedule a consultation (

Select “Job Search Document Review” for job documents
Select “Grant and Proposal Writing” for fellowship or grant materials
Select “Teaching Development Program” for teaching observations

Half-hour (30 minutes) meetings are available for Friday morning appointments or you can submit your materials and schedule for a longer meeting. You can also email with any questions or request additional types of consultations.

Canvas Modules on topics such as Career Exploration, Networking, Interviewing and Preparing Various Job Documents (cover letter, CV, resume, teaching statements, etc.) are also
available (

More details at: