Spring 2024 Courses in Gerontology at UNL

Spring 2024 Courses in Gerontology at UNL
Spring 2024 Courses in Gerontology at UNL

This trend underscores the growing need for specialized knowledge in gerontology. By 2040, it's expected that the number of older people in the US will increase to 80.8 million, a significant rise from just 3.1 million in 1900. These courses are designed to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of an aging population.

The Department of Gerontology (located in Nebraska Hall on the UNL campus) offers several courses that are either dual listed (400/800 level) or graduate only.

Gero 410/810-700 – Educational Gerontology (What happens after graduation? Lifelong learning. This course provides the background on how to effectively teach adult learners).

Gero 442/842-700 – Recreation Therapy: Intervention for Aging. (A course to inspire persons working in the field of aging to think of activities as more than Bingo!).

Gero 452/852-700 – Senior Housing (An ideal course for people interested in the built environment).

Gero 467/867-700 – Programs and Services for Older Adults (A great course for any major to become familiar with community resources for people as they age)

Gero 873-001 - Death, Dying and Grieving - A graduate seminar course emphasizing the concepts and theories of death, dying, and grieving with an emphasis on the older adult.

Please contact the department at gerontology@unl.edu with questions.

More details at: https://gerontology.unl.edu/academic-programs