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Neurodiversity in the Classroom Workshop Feb 28
Neurodiversity in the Classroom Workshop Feb 28

Join us for an enriching session on Feb. 28, 12-1PM, via Zoom, where we delve into the realm of Neurodiversity in the Classroom. Gain insights into the diverse cognitive landscapes of your students and explore effective strategies for understanding and supporting their unique learning styles. This workshop is tailored to empower Teaching Assistants with the tools and knowledge to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

When: Feb 28, 12-1PM
Where: Zoom

Delve into the realm of neurodiversity with us as we explore the myriad ways in which students may differ in the classroom. From ADHD to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyscalculia to Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and beyond, neurodiversity encompasses a spectrum of learning differences and mental health diagnoses. Join us in this workshop where we'll dissect student needs and differences, equipping you with practical strategies to effectively address their diverse learning requirements.

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