Project Manager, Maly Marketing

Maly Marketing is searching for a project manager to help us continue to grow. We’re a full-service ad agency based in Lincoln, NE and we need someone who can help us with the day-to-day oversight of client projects. Exceptional organizational, grammar, proofreading, and time management skills are essential. So is the ability to clearly communicate both in writing and verbally to clients and co-workers alike.

Specifically we’re looking for someone who can excel at the following:

Ensure deadlines are met

Proofing print and digital copy

Ensuring that mandatories are met on all completed projects

Manage and update project management software.

Ideally we’re looking for someone with a Bachelors in Advertising, Marketing or suitable experience in the industry.

How to Apply:
To apply send an email on why you are a good fit.

More details at: