2017 Impact Reports will be due December 15, 2017

2017 Impact Reports
2017 Impact Reports

2017 Impact Reports will be due December 15, 2017. We have two more Help Sessions scheduled for November 15 and December 6 at 12:30 pm (CT). Plan to connect with us via ZOOM: https://nebraskaextension.zoom.us/j/556742751

2017 Impact Reports Resources:
• Our October 4 ZOOM Recording can be found here: https://unl.box.com/s/3tuqmlqgdpm7mi3aktwgi8nymm3by15n
• Our Slides can be found here: https://unl.box.com/s/44ol0854iv8h2a7yjv1t8yw063hb62pl
• Resources are all placed in this BOX Folder: https://unl.box.com/s/imd0x9ghyqx2dkmxug5yf3d6hzfccano

Issue Team/Interest Group Impact Reports, updated videos and County Impact Reports are to be submitted through this survey: https://ssp.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8bMrf0Lr1bk1Slf

County Impact Reports include the following items on the one-page report:
• 3 Impacts
• 2 Pictures

Issue Team Impact Reporting includes:
• Public Value Statement
• Social Media Impact Statement for 2017
Sample Statements:
o 86% of youth and their families are making healthier meals through 4-H Food Smart Families.
o Small scale gardeners grew and donated 4,000 pounds of produce to food pantries and low-income families.
o $900K is the estimated impact of financial decisions participants made through the 2016 Cornhusker Economics Meetings.
• Updated Team Video
• Team Report (2 page)

-- Angie Rushman