Environmental Engineering: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest REU

Environmental Engineering: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest REU
Environmental Engineering: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest REU

Environmental Engineering: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest REU

Washington State University is hosting an Environmental Engineering REU that is open to students at all levels and in many majors. This REU will take place on the Washington State campus in Pullman, WA on May 29 – Aug 2, 2024.

Program Goals
The REU program goal is to provide undergraduate students in engineering, environmental science and other related majors an opportunity to participate in ongoing active research. Working closely with faculty and graduate students, the participants will gain hands-on experience with environmental engineering measurements and modeling.

Who is eligible?
Participants must be currently registered at a two or four year college, and may not have received their Bachelor’s degree prior to July 2024. Participants must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. Women, members of demographic groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering, and students from community colleges or institutions that do not offer research opportunities for undergraduates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Students at all levels of their undergraduate work are sought for this program, and majors such as environmental engineering, atmospheric science, water resources, civil engineering, as well as students from chemistry, physics, math, and other technical majors are encouraged to apply.

We take Freshmen to Seniors! We strive to have a broad mix of students at various levels of their college careers, so don’t hold back from applying just because you haven’t had any experience or environmental courses.

What You Do
Students will work on research projects ranging from air quality measurements in the laboratory to running water resource models. Each student will have a primary instrument, dataset or model they use during the summer. Students may work in collaborative teams with faculty and graduate students or more independently to accomplish specific research goals.

All participants will take a series of half-day workshops designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of environmental engineering, atmospheric chemistry, and measurements. Workshops may include:

- Climate Change
- Environmental Microbiology
- Atmospheric Chemistry
- Water Resources Engineering
- Scientific Writing
- Poster Presentation

Near the end of the 9.5 week session, students will prepare a poster and present their results during a poster symposium for all of the WSU REU programs.

You will also have the opportunity to attend a National Conference and present your research. Conferences typically attended include the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Annual Meeting or the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting. Historically about 40-50% of participants from this program attend one of these meetings.

What You Get
In addition to gaining experience with instruments and/or models currently used in government labs, regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and graduate schools, you receive:

- A stipend of $5,700 for the 9.5 week session and free housing
- Travel assistance for travel to and from Pullman, WA

We will provide housing in an on campus facility, with a shared kitchen and recreation facilities for all students.

Please visit https://lar.wsu.edu/reu/ for more information and for application instructions!

*Deadline for applications is February 25, 2024
*Deadline for letters of recommendation is March 3, 2024