Flyover Process: From start to finish

Gracie Fagan and India Enter
Gracie Fagan and India Enter

Awhile back and leading up to the Flyover II performance on November 17, I asked a composer in the composition studio if it would be okay for me to follow her on her process from the start of developing a piece to the end, the actual performance.

Flyover this semester is different because composers are writing pieces for just one performer due to COVID-19 so this also allows me to work more closely with a single performer. In this case, I’ve been messaging with composer Gracie Fagan and now her performer India Enter, who is a cellist.

I hope to share with you how the piece first came into the head of Fagan, how she gets the process down on paper, how it is received by Enter, how the two of them work together and give and take on a piece and then how the final piece is put together and performed.

I hope to be a fly on the wall at times (socially distanced and with a mask on) and at other times engage them in conversations (same as above). I will be posting photos, videos and other items leading up to the final performance that will be live webcast. I will be adding to the web story throughout the process, as well as posting to Instagram and Twitter and the Flyover Facebook event page:

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