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Dr. Sergio Ruiz
Dr. Sergio Ruiz

In 1967, Aaron Copland gave an address on the importance of the Arts at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan.


“The notion of a young American wanting to be mixed up in the Arts…is still too special and too daring an idea, and an idea which must become much more familiar to Americans as a whole, everywhere.” “It’s very important that the United States does establish the idea that the Arts, all the arts, are at home here and that America must have its own, must make its own contribution to the Arts…Why?...In some curious way, the Arts symbolize for everyone some of the deepest feelings that we have not only about life, but life as we live it today. It is not enough that someone else in some past time has written great works of art, we have to do it, also. Because if we can’t do it in this great country of ours, then there’s something very seriously lacking here. It means that in some important way, we are not living our lives to the full...” I encourage you to listen to the entire, insightful 4+-minute clip and apply it to all of us on a global level.

Listening to Copland’s address inspired me to begin this blog. I realized that I am one of those “creative personalities” Copland mentioned in his address. I chose to be a musician because I love music. I simply cannot see myself doing anything else. Being in the Arts has so far allowed me to live my life to the fullest. More important, I enjoy being a musician because I have the ability to share my creativity/talent and knowledge of the Arts, which is the main reason I came to the Glenn Korff School of Music. The GKSOM and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are remarkable. We have great faculty, staff and students. I consider myself fortunate to be here, doing something that I love with great people. I truly love coming to work in the morning and hearing the rat-a-tat-tat of the drums in the percussion area and all the music permeating the halls. I love walking across the quad seeing all the sculptures. I love geeking out at the football games with the marching band. I love First Fridays, being able to visit the museums and watching and listening musicians and dancers create in Sheldon. I/We will continue to strive to be bold and daring in making the GKSOM great. Go Big Red!

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