Redd captures win at regional round of MTNA

Jordan Redd
Jordan Redd

Glenn Korff School of Music graduate student Jordan Redd, Horn, was recently named the winner in the West Central Division MTNA Competition "Young Artist Performance."

There are three stages to the competition -- the state round, regional round, and the national round. The regional round this year was done by video submission. This year Redd played selections from “Episodes” by James Naigus, “Laudatio” by Bernhard Krol, and the Franz Strauss Horn Concerto Op. 8.

“Looking back on everything, I do see how much improvement I have made and that excites me,” Redd said. “However, I really do feel like I have unfinished business. I have been competing in this competition for 5 years and each time I have taken the ‘next step’. The first year I didn’t place in the state round, then the next year I received second place in the state round, then the following year I won the state round but did not make it past the regional round, then last year I went all the way to the national round and lost. So, it really does feel like I have unfinished business.”

Redd added, “Well really the way I see it, my end goal is to get a job and help people. I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing music with anyone that will listen. I want to win the National round this year, and I know I can do it. It almost feels more like an expectation this go around than anything. I also want to win the International Horn Competition of America this summer. So, I guess I have multiple goals but my mind is fixed on the future and not stopping until I get where I want to be, accepting nothing less.

“The only other thing I could really add is just to say never give up. I’ve been through a lot both in school and in life in general. The only thing that has pushed me to achieve success has been that mindset. I’m not where I want to be but I will get there, you watch.”