Students find ongoing success through Campus Recreation Sleep Challenge

21 participants saw a variety of benefits by challenging themselves to form better sleep habits.
21 participants saw a variety of benefits by challenging themselves to form better sleep habits.

Everyone needs sleep– that's a known fact. However, it can be difficult to get high-quality sleep without knowing how to form healthy sleep habits. This dilemma was recently addressed in Camus Recreation's Sleep Challenge, which focused on the topic of proper sleep behaviors.

The Sleep Challenge began on March 1 and continued for three weeks, consisting of activities, journals and prizes. 21 people signed up for the sleep challenge to focus on their nightly routines and learn how to build better sleep habits.

Based on an evaluation survey at the end of the challenge, participants reported improvement in their ability to practice better sleep hygiene and benefit to their overall wellbeing.

Weekly challenges allowed participants to reflect on their own sleep habits and discover how different factors can affect sleep and energy levels. The challenges focused on current sleep habits and energy levels, pre-bedtime routine and environment, and introduce new types of activities before bed to promote relaxation, such as yoga or meditation.

"Participants reported enjoying the tips and advice from the weekly newsletters, as they provided helpful information and reminders to focus on the importance of sleep and sleep habits," said Jennifer Beres, Wellness Services Graduate Assistant.

Participants also received goal sheets each week to reflect and develop routines based on what they learned and observed, along with an exit survey to gather results.

Overall, the challenge was a success in encouraging healthier sleep practices. Keep an eye out for other Wellness Services and Campus Recreation events to get involved in the future.

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