College Nutrition & Fitness 101 series helps new students living on-campus

College Nutrition & Fitness 101
College Nutrition & Fitness 101

Survive living on campus during the freshman year with tips and skills on how to balance nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and stay healthy in college. Any student may attend the open sessions at the dining centers of Harper-Schramm-Smith, Abel-Sandoz, and Selleck. A different topic each week.

All sessions meet 5:30 to 6:30 at each location. Cost is $5 per session and pre-registration is not required.
Pay when you arrive. Cash only.

Students do not have to live in the listed residence centers to attend – all UNL students are welcome at all sessions. Questions? Call Emily at 402–472–3410


#2 Fitness Made Easy
Get motivated to be physically active with tips on walking, sports, and enjoying the Campus Rec Centers.
• Sept. 4 @ Harper-Schramm-Smith Dining Center
• Sept. 5 @ Abel-Sandoz Dining Center
• Sept. 6 @ Selleck Dining Center


#3 Relaxi Taxi: Quiet the Chaos
Learn relaxing techniques that help manage stress and improve concentration, productivity, and well-being.
• Sept. 11 @ Harper-Schramm-Smith Dining Center
• Sept. 12 @ Abel-Sandoz Dining Center
• Sept. 13 @ Selleck Dining Center


#4 Food Myths
Debunk age-old food “lies” and find the truth about food and nutrition.
• Sept. 18 @ Harper-Schramm-Smith Dining Center
• Sept. 19 @ Abel-Sandoz Dining Center
• Sept. 20 @ Selleck Dining Center