Register with 'UNL Alert' to receive info about weather-related closures

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to subscribe to UNL Alert to receive information for weather-related closings and campus emergencies. The alert system allows subscribers to receive up-to-the-minute details sent on a variety of devices.

The announcements will be made through UNL Alert, a service that sends emergency messages to devices individuals designate. UNL Alert messages can be sent to cell phones (text and voice), landline phones, PDAs, two-way radios and email addresses. For more information about UNL Alert, including how to sign up, go to

Weather-related closures will also be posted on the UNL Web page,; radio and television stations should be notified by 6 a.m. for day classes and 2 p.m. for night classes.

In the absence of a specific announcement to the contrary, it should be understood that classes and other functions will continue as scheduled.

Decisions to close the campus for inclement weather are based on a number of safety factors including current and near future weather predictions, road conditions within the City of Lincoln and the local area, access to Lincoln via highways and roads, the condition of UNL’s parking lots and sidewalks, campus snow-removal staffing plans, and guidance from local and emergency management agencies.

Click the link below to register for UNL Alert.

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