Free Info Session for UNL Weight Loss Program, Aug. 29

Register for FREE info session:
Register for FREE info session:

Well on Your Weigh is a 3-step weight loss program that will help you begin and maintain your weight loss efforts. The complete program is divided into three 4-week sessions and participants can start at the step they feel best accommodates their level. All sessions include 12 group workouts, three individual nutrition consultations, and weekly group education sessions. All participants receive on-going support by a team of certified professionals to include: health coaches, exercise specialist and registered dietitian.

Registration is open for three sessions:
• Get Started! September 2-26
Ideal for anyone interested in the basic tools to manage and lose weight. Workouts will focus on functional and core training; including one workout/week in the privacy of Mable Lee Pool. Nutrition will focus on getting your home and work set up for success. Stop counting calories and start balancing food choices! Will include trip to the grocery store. Coaching will focus on establishing a baseline of healthy habits that fit into YOUR life/schedule. All participants will receive an Omron pedometer and online tracking site.

• Step it Up! September 30-October 24
The next steps in setting yourself up for successful weight loss and maintenance is learning to eat and cook many different ways. Participants will learn how to modify favorite recipes or pair different foods with favorite recipes. Participants will learn key words to look for when making choices at restaurants. Be aware… not all salads are the BEST choice! Fitness workouts will introduce new, different, more complex ways to train… with all the fun included. At home fitness plans that support being active the other 4 days will be provided.

• Take Charge! October 28-November 21
As we move on to the busiest time of the semester, the Well on Your Weigh program will support participants to stay on track with their healthy eating, activity, and healthy living goals- in a FUN, supportive atmosphere. Need motivation to stay on track with your goals over the holidays? This is the class for you!

Kim Barrett

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