#NotAtUNL: Join the Conversation All Week, Nov 16-20


Created by students started by Gloria Kimbulu and Danielle Young, the #NotAtUNL campaign runs Nov. 16-20. It's aim is to spread awareness of race-related issues that have occurred on UNL’s campus by encouraging students to share their stories of racism.

Collected stories will be presented to the entire campus community - students, administrators, faculty, staff, and allies - at an upcoming campus unity event. Details of the event will be announced soon.

Those who have not experienced racism are encouraged to show their support by creating posts about being allies. Racism is an uncomfortable topic for many people to talk about but we need to talk about to move forward. With the recent derogatory posts on various forms of social media, it is clear that racism is still an issue on our campus and it’s important to note that just because you may not see it or experience it, that doesn’t mean that other students don’t.

This is not a fix-all campaign, just a crucial step in fixing a complex issue. In taking the courage to share your experiences with racism or stand against racism as an ally, you're spreading the message that racism will not be tolerated any longer, especially not at UNL.


Students can report incidents or convey concerns to UNL officials via the TIPS Reporting Site. Reports can be made 24-hours-a-day and a link is located at the bottom of every UNL webpage: http://www.unl.edu/tips-incident-reporting-system/