Can I Still Hold RSO Meetings?

Student Organization Meeting
Student Organization Meeting

Don’t stop the momentum and great work that your RSO has done this semester, continue meeting but do so online! It is easy to isolate and disconnect from others during quarantine since we are not physically around others, so use your RSO meetings and events as an opportunity to get that social interaction that you would normally get when meeting on campus.

Just submit your EPR like normal and paste the link to your RSO meeting in the “Online Location Link” field! By making your Zoom meeting links public on your EPR, social media, newsletters etc. students who were interested in your RSO but had schedule conflicts during your meeting times can now participate in your RSO!

Below are a few online alternatives that your RSO can implement to continue membership interaction and recruitment efforts:

General RSO Meetings:
Host general RSO meeting digitally using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype just like you would a regular RSO meeting on campus. Prepare for your meeting like you normally would like creating an agenda and prepping materials and talking points. Also practice using your platform before your meetings so you feel comfortable using it in front of others during your actually meeting.

Digital Tabling:
Host a virtual tabling event like you would if you were in the Nebraska Union commons or out on the Plaza. Virtual tabling is an opportunity for students who are considering joining to learn more about your RSO and ask you questions. When hosting your digital tabling event, it is recommend that you keep your meeting room open for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If you have questions or need help with online meetings or events, reach out to our team members: Joe Hagerty ( or Melissa Griffith Phelps ( We are happy to help!

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