Planning ahead in the Spring

Planning events ahead of time will save you stress
Planning events ahead of time will save you stress

Many RSOs are submitting great Event Planning & Registration forms (EPRs). Here are some tips to help make the approval process smooth. RSOs should be submitting EPRs for their virtual events and meetings so new students can find ways to be involved and join your RSO.

1. Submit your EPR as soon as you know the foundational details of your event. Those details include: where, when, what, who, how, why. Remember: All approvals for indoor events are due 3 business days before the event begins, and 10 business days for outdoor events.

2. Set aside 10 minutes to fill out the EPR in its entirety. It's possible to start and come back to an EPR later, but filling it out in one sitting ensures it gets done right away.

3. Answer all the questions honestly. Tell us your plans - we want to help connect you to services on campus that can help.

4. Check your notifications and respond to questions or requests on the EPR directly.

If you're needing special services, like contracts, youth safety, Pepsi - plan extra time! The more lead time you can provide SLICE, the better we can serve you.