Is Your RSO Active & in Compliance?!

Ensure your RSO is in Compliance the Fall 2022 Semester Begins
Ensure your RSO is in Compliance the Fall 2022 Semester Begins

The Fall 2022 semester is quickly approaching, so make sure that your RSO is in full compliance with the SLICE office before the Fall semester Begins!

To be in full compliance (Active Status on NvolveU), each RSO President, Treasurer, and Primary Programmer must have attended an annual orientation session within the last year and each RSO's SOFs account must be up to date and not in a deficit.

To participate in Big Red Welcome events, submit EPRs, process SOFS paperwork, submit reimbursements, reserve spaces for meetings or events, and function as an active organization, your RSO needs to be in full compliance with SLICE. RSOs not in full compliance are placed in Frozen status meaning that they cannot do the aforementioned activities.

To check your RSO's status, follow the directions on this video:

If your RSO needs to update its officers to get back into compliance, please re-register your RSO. To re-register, please complete the following steps:
1.) Have your President, Treasurer, and Primary Programmer attend Virtual On-Demand Annual Orientation using this link:

Virtual Annual Orientation will take 1.5 hours to complete.

2.) Re-Register your RSO using these directions:

A current President, Treasurer, Primary Programmer or Advisor has the ability to complete the re-registration form on NvolveU for your RSO. Re-registrations are reviewed on a weekly basis and can only be approved when all officers have successfully completed Annual Orientation with an 80% or better score on the quiz.

If you have questions about your RSO's status, please reach out to SLICE at or 402-472-2454 before the start of the Fall semester.

More details at: