Student Organization Checklist

Is your RSO ready to start the new year?
Is your RSO ready to start the new year?

Many times the success of a student organization depends on its effective leadership transition.

You know the scenario: you are handed a set of unbalanced books and unpaid bills at the end of the year and you spend five hours in Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS); or you receive a letter from Student Involvement in October telling you that your organization is on inactive status because nobody ever told you about the Annual Review Form; or you missed the Student Organization Training in the fall because you didn’t know you had a mailbox on-campus. Don’t let this happen in your organization –provide an effective transition. If any of these apply, use the following checklist to help smooth the transition.

At the beginning of the school year:
-Update your officers on NvolveU2.0?
-Verify your account balance with SOFS Office.
-Meet with your organization’s advisor.
-Contact Student Involvement to ensure you are current
-Make plans to attend an Annual Orientation Session
-Review financial records, constitutions and bylaws, and other important documents.

At any time during the year:
-When officers or the advisor change, log in to NvolveU2.0 and update the front page to ensure the emails will go to the right person.
-Train new officers in bookkeeping, budgeting, completing forms and the Event Planning & Registration process.
-Introduce all new leadership to Student Involvement staff.
-Submit nominations for Student Impact Awards sponsored by Student Involvement (spring semester only).

End of the academic year:
-Reconcile all of your student organization financial records, pay all your bills, make sure you have money in your account for any bills over the summer, process all disbursements and transfers, etc.
-Make sure all of your officers have attended Annual Orientation to avoid complications in the summer/fall.
-Organize your officer files and resources and pass information and supplies to new officers.
-Recognize and reward members for their accomplishments.
-If anyone other than the treasurer will be handling financial responsibilities over the summer, add his/her name to the signature cards in the SOFS office.

For more information on organization and personal development skills, stop by or call UNL Student Involvement, 200 Nebraska Union, 472-2454; or 300 Nebraska East Union, 472-1780. Staff members will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

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