Go Card Policies - Revitalize Your RSO Series

Apply for a Go Card
Apply for a Go Card

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO’s) can pay for business related expenses that support their organization's mission through the Go Card program. Instead of requesting reimbursement and hassling with paperwork, Go Cards can purchase low-dollar items using RSO funds in their SOFS account. This program will provide increased convenience and controls for RSO’s. The Go Card must be used in accordance with SOFS's policies and only by the individual named on the card (cardholder). The Go Card may not be utilized for any personal expenses or the personal benefit of any one individual.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Organization Financial Services Office (SOFS) in coordination with Union Bank will issue the Go Card. Below is information about the Go Card, including obtaining a Go Card and how to use it. Required forms are available on the SOFS website and and in NVolveU.

1. Card Application
a. The Go Card Application and Agreement form must be completed and returned to the SOFS Office before the Go Card can be ordered. Once your card is received and programmed by SOFS, the cardholder and the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) will be notified.
b. The cardholder must sign the back of the card before the first use.
c. When approved, a temporary Go Card will be assigned and the permanent Go Card will be issued within 7 to 10 days.

2. Procedure to transfer funds to the Go Card
a. The Go Card transaction amount must be supported by the Go Card Transfer Request Voucher to the extent the RSO has funds available in their SOFS account.
b. The paper form with signature must be used for the first time to transfer funds to your new Go Card.

3. Using Your Go Card
a. All transactions and fees to the Go Card are assigned directly to the RSO’s SOFS Account.
b. Purchases must comply with the SOFS Guidelines and Policies as published on the SOFS website, sofs.unl.edu. The individual cardholder of the RSO has full liability for any improper charges.
c. Only the person whose name is on card to has the ability to utilize this card.
d. If the cardholder leaves the university or the RSO, notify SOFS and return the card. Then, the RSO can obtain another Go Card with an updated cardholder by using the process above.
e. The Go Card is intended for the purpose of purchases only and NO CASH WITHDRAWAL IS ALLOWED.
f. Purchases of gift cards must be made within the guidelines of the SOFS Gift Card Policy.
g. Need to reload card? Use the Go Card Transfer Request Voucher in person or in NVolve U.

4. Purchase Documentation
a. Detailed receipts/invoices must be provided to the SOFS Office within 10 calendar days after each transaction in which the card was utilized.
b. If detailed receipts/invoices are not provided within the 10 day time period, the Go Card may be revoked for the remainder of the semester or at the discretion of the SOFS Office.

5. Transaction discrepancies
a. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to resolve any discrepancies with the Go Card or its transactions. The SOFS Office will not take responsibility for disputed transactions.

6. Lost or Stolen Card
a. Should a card be lost or stolen, the cardholder and cardholder’s organization are responsible for notifying Union Bank at 1-866-613-2108.

7. End of Fiscal Year Reconciliation
a. In the process of the annual Account Balance Confirmation procedure, if the RSO has a Go Card, the RSO will be asked to confirm the balance of monies on the Go Card as part of the annual Account Balance Confirmation process.

Improper or fraudulent use of the Go Card may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the University of Nebraska Lincoln Student Code of Conduct policy. Questions concerning the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Go Card program should be directed to the SOFS Office at 402-472-5667.

More details at: https://go.unl.edu/zogz