Name: Kendra Bubb
Majors while at UNL: Global Studies and Spanish
On and off campus involvement: Kappa Delta Sorority

Where are you currently located and describe your current duties as an English Teacher abroad?
I am living in Heredia, Costa Rica working as an English Teacher. I work at a language school that teaches English, Spanish and Portuguese. I teach adult students from with levels varying from Intro English to Upper Intermediate. Our biggest goal is to get students speaking by teaching English that will be able to use at work or while they’re traveling. Teaching English in a way that they can relate to and use in real life keeps the students engaged and eager to learn.

Why did you decide to teach English abroad? What was the application process like?
After graduating with majors in Global Studies and Spanish, it was an obvious move for me to go abroad for a while. In my time studying abroad in Spain and Argentina, I had met a lot of people who made a living traveling and teaching English abroad. I decided to look into teaching to see if it was an option for someone who didn’t have a background or degree in education.
In most countries around the world, an undergraduate degree along with a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) allow you to teach English. Teaching English abroad offered me the opportunity to travel and experience new places while making enough money to support myself. I chose to take the four week certification course in Heredia, Costa Rica, however, there are TEFL schools all over the world. With a TEFL certification, you can teach almost anywhere in the world and the certification never expires.

I moved here in September after graduation and have recently signed a year contract with my school. I chose Costa Rica because I wanted to spend some time in Central America. Costa Rica has a pretty high demand for English Teachers and there are quite a few of jobs available here.

Tell us about the city, country, and the overall experience thus far.
I live in the small town Barva, Costa Rica in the central valley. Although Costa Rica is a small country, it has a lot to offer. You can enjoy mountains, valleys, volcanoes, beaches or cloud forests within about 10-hour drive. I have had the best experience with the locals in the towns where I work. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. There’s also a really large network of English teachers from all over the world, all around Costa Rica. This provides a lot of support and can help network for jobs or moves in the future. In the last six months, I have had an extremely positive experience moving abroad, and I feel extremely lucky have this opportunity.

What is your advice for current GLST majors interested in applying for teaching abroad opportunities in the future.
My best advice is to keep an open mind. It’s worth investing in yourself and having such a unique experience. There’s endless opportunities to live abroad and teaching is a really great to do so. Having experience working abroad and having those connections will open countless doors in your future.

Here are some links to follow for some more information including a country chart of schools and opportunities around the world!