When to use the Nebraska N…Always!

Nebraska N
Nebraska N

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has one brand, developed by University Communication and campus leaders and informed by faculty, students, staff, alumni and stakeholders. Leveraging our brand position and assets adds value to every university message. The brand guide serves as a resource to all who communicate on behalf of our university. In it you’ll find our marks, templates and a variety of assets and instructions available for you to use. The Brand Guide and additional resources and training from University Communication are available at https://ucomm.unl.edu/brand.

The Nebraska N is the primary identifier of the University and one of the foundational elements of our communication. Nothing says University of Nebraska better than our N. All of the allowable colors, sizes and formats of the Nebraska N can be found in the Brand Guide. Leverage the power of the University brand by always using the Nebraska N as the main identifier for your communication pieces. The official marks can be found at https://ucomm.unl.edu/brand/our-marks.

While the Nebraska N identifies the University, you may also want to identify your department or unit in your communications. Lockups serve this purpose by presenting a department or unit name in a consistent format. The UNL Lockup Factory, a web-based tool for creating lockups, makes it easy to create and manage your Nebraska N lockups, https://lockups.unl.edu/.

All School of Natural Resources faculty, staff and graduate students, have access to the SNR Office SharePoint Site where you’ll find a folder named Logos and Presentations. Past communicators have made the marks specific to us available there. University Communication has a robust offering of assets to aid you in your communications. These include templates, icons, colors and typography, https://ucomm.unl.edu/brand/templates-assets.

Use of the Nebraska N is essential for the proper identification of the university. You should include it in all of your communication and marketing to ensure our identity is recognizable and that our message is shared effectively.