HIVE tech collaboration plans 'meet and greet' Aug. 30

Students, faculty and businesses are invited to the Aug 30 event.
Students, faculty and businesses are invited to the Aug 30 event.

HIVE, a new technology collaborative, is hosting a meet and greet even 3:30 p.m. Aug. 30 in the Nebraska Union. HIVE is a grassroots organization linking UNL students with faculty, and local businesses to develop working relationships and technology-based solutions. HIVE originated out of a UNL mobile app contest held last spring.

"HIVE is a way for people to get their ideas from paper to a real product" said Sourabh Chakraborty, a senior electrical engineering major who is a student worker at UNL's New Media Center. "HIVE brings together coders, writers, graphic designers, marketing and businesses to collaborate in a way that currently doesn't exist in the classroom. It builds on people's strengths and exposes them to other people's ideas."

Student technology training sessions are offered by Information Services' New Media Center as a way to prepare students' technical skills for class projects. Partner programs have been formed with Computer Science and the College of Journalism and Mass Communications to hold software-specific training.

Brad Severa, New Media Center manager, sees HIVE as a new paradigm for students to learn in a more collaborative environment.

"Technical skills using Photoshop and Dreamweaver are sometimes taken for granted by faculty to complete class projects," Severa said. "HIVE will help students learn from each other on real projects and help raise the bar on collective excellence."

HIVE is seen as a way to connect student talent with local business. "I don't think students are aware of the 60-plus tech companies in Lincoln," said Severa. "And likewise, I don't think companies here are aware of the pool of enormous talent that exists at UNL. We're working on bringing in guest speakers and building mentoring relationships and internships that can be mutually beneficial."

All are invited to attend the "Swarm" meet-and-greet at 3:30 p.m. to learn about the contest and discuss the goals of HIVE on Aug. 30 in the Nebraska Union. Online participation will also be available.

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