Free strength training workshop for women members Oct. 24

Free Strength Training Workshop
Free Strength Training Workshop

Campus Recreation is presenting a free hour-long workshop 5:30 p.m. Oct. 24 geared specifically to women members looking to improve their knowledge and experience with resistance training. This workshop will include a presentation on technique and steps to success followed by a practical portion.

This program will assist women with their fitness goals by teaching basic exercise techniques, program design and steps to success in a fun, non-judgmental environment. This workshop will include a presentation on proper techniques with common exercises and how to vary them, followed by steps to use for success in the weight room.

There will be a practical session where all participants will be taken through a workout applying the topics and techniques covered in the presentation.

Participants will leave with a basic understanding of proper technique with exercises such as squat, lunge and upper-body exercises. Along with this, each participant will design their own program to use on their own and learn how to manipulate training variables to ensure continuous progress toward their fitness goals.

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