Center for Great Plains Studies, NU Press enter journal partnership

A new agreement has expanded the publishing relationship between UNL's Center for Great Plains Studies and the University of Nebraska Press.

Under the terms of the deal, the NU Press will assume responsibility for production, marketing and subscription services for the Center for Great Plains' flagship journals, "Great Plains Quarterly" and "Great Plains Research."

The partnership broadens an existing publishing relationship between the two NU programs and is expected to provide significant benefits to both parties.

“We already collaborate closely with the University of Nebraska Press on projects like the Lewis and Clark journals and the 'Atlas of the Great Plains,' so we are simply extending a rewarding relationship," said Richard Edwards, director of the Center for Great Plains Studies. "But more specifically this new collaboration offers us the opportunity to grow the quality, influence, and reach of 'Great Plains Research' and 'Great Plains Quarterly.' They are important journals publishing high-quality original research, and frankly they deserve a bigger stage."

The journals are also a good fit with the NU Press' collection of journals currently published and complement its related book publishing programs.

“I’m delighted to extend the great partnership between the Center for Great Plains Studies and UNP to encompass partnering on these two journals," said Donna Shear, director of NU Press. "We’ve enjoyed an excellent book publishing collaboration, and working with them on 'Great Plains Quarterly' and 'Great Plains Research' will further enhance that relationship.”