Geographers team up for new atlas publications

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UNL geographers are releasing two new atlases this summer — "The Atlas of the Great Plains" (University of Nebraska Press), and "Atlas of the 2008 Elections" (Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group).

"The Atlas of the Great Plains" is the only current, comprehensive atlas of the region that stretches from Texas to Canada. The atlas was published by UNL geographers Clark Archer and the late Steve Lavin, along with Fred Shelley of the University of Oklahoma. The foreword is by UNL geographer David Wishart.

"Atlas of the Great Plains" includes more than 300 original, full-color maps and explanatory text. The collection chronicles the political and social developments in the history of the region. Topics include Native Americans, settlement patterns, agriculture, voting records, medical services and crime rates.

The atlas is available through NU Press at

Archer, Lavin and several collaborators co-edited the "Atlas of the 2008 Elections." The atlas is scheduled for release in July. It analyzes campaigns, primaries, the general election and key state referenda, down to the county level.

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