Redox Biology Center mini-symposium is Sept. 23

The Redox Biology Center's ninth-annual mini-symposium is Sept. 23 in the Sheldon Museum of Art's auditorium. Hosted by Marjorie Lou, professor emeritus in veterinary and biomedical sciences, the symposium theme is "The Good Side of ROS in Organisms."

The mini-symposium includes a full day of presentations with lunch for all who attend. Scheduled speakers are: Rodney Levine, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; Nicholas Tonks, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Andres Vazquez-Torres, University of Colorado School of Medicine; Kathy Griendling, Emory University School of Medicine; Paola Chiarugi, University of Florence; Henry Rosen, University of Washington; and Lou.

For more information, contact Hanna Kahler at or (402) 472-3173.

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