Huskers email upgrade phase completed

To view the video, go to
To view the video, go to

Microsoft completed the upgrade of the hosted student email,, on July 27. Here are a few facts about the upgrade and UNL student's new Office 365 accounts:

All students now have two accounts:

*An Office 365 email account, which they get to keep for life at The completed upgrade is enabling Microsoft to add the full version of Outlook online environment (including Lync, SharePoint and WebApps) to their account this fall.

* A personal Microsoft account that is no longer managed by UNL and retains access to existing SkyDrive files, Messenger contacts, and other Microsoft services. Microsoft SkyDrive and Messenger:

* The username will stay the same for both services. The password will remain the same until a user decides to change one of them. Then the Microsoft password and Office 365 password will be different. Upgrade stats:
* Approximately 30,000 accounts were upgraded within 25 hours.

*10 accounts did not get completed during the upgrade. We are now working with those users to get them upgraded.

*New account provisioning resumed the morning of July 29, 2013.

*Computer Help Center received very few calls – These calls mostly consisted of password resets and/or clearing of web browser caches for resolution.

*The schedule for implementing the new Office 365 features will be announced after further consultation with Microsoft.

If you have any issues or questions regarding a account, please contact the Computer Help Center, 402-472-3970 or 1-866-472-3970 toll-free in U.S. or

For more info with a video demonstration of the two accounts, go to