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UNL BeefWatch

UNL BeefWatch May 2016

Implanting Heifers

When deciding to implant replacement yearling females, the current (or expected) market conditions for pregnant heifers and feeder heifers must be considered.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.A review of suckling calf implants (, from Oklahoma State University, concluded implants approved in breeding heifers have little or no effect on subsequent reproduction when administered according to the label which in general is from 30-45 day Continue reading…

To Estrus Detect or Not Was the Question

A question remains whether there is opportunity to increase AI conception rates with estrus detection.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.Artificial insemination allows producers to utilize superior genetics for less than purchasing a herd sire of similar quality. Estrus synchronization can shorten the calving season, increase calf uniformity, and facilitate the use of AI. Estrus synchronization and AI require planning and additional Continue reading…

Be Realistic With Irrigated Pastures

It can take two or three years before maximum production levels are reached.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz. Many folks are planting irrigated pastures this spring. While it might be your best crop choice, don’t expect miracles.

Many farm advisors, including myself, suggest you consider planting irrigated pasture due to poor crop prices compared to cattle and forage needs. But sometimes, Continue reading…

Managing Pasture Flies

Did your fly control program work last year?  Photo courtesy of Dave Boxler.As we transition into spring and before livestock producers turn cattle in to summer pastures, selecting this year’s fly control program should be considered. A thought to consider, did your fly control program work last year? If it did not, now is the time to consider a different method. There are Continue reading…

Still Time to Fertilize Summer Hay Meadows

Hay meadows respond well to fertilizer.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz. Do you need to grow more hay for next winter? One way to get that extra hay might be to fertilize your hay meadows this spring. There’s still time.

Hay meadows respond well to fertilizer. But, be sure to use the types and amounts of fertilizer that work best for the Continue reading…

To Implant or Not to Implant?

It has been well documented that implants can improve ADG from implanting at branding until weaning.  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.As we enter this branding season, producers may be asking themselves the following questions:

1. Will implanting at branding time affect the price of the calves when sold in the fall?
2. Is implanting calves at branding time worth the investment?

While it has been well documented that implants can Continue reading…

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