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The College of Journalism and Mass Communications is offering two study abroad opportunities for the 2013 pre-session from May 20 to June 7. Luis Peon-Casanova is sponsoring a video production class with Russian students in Moscow. Sriyani Tidball is sponsoring a trip in photography, writing and social media in Spain.

Earn credit for your degree, build your resume, and immerse yourself in another culture and language.

JOMC 491/891 Sec. 301
International Video Production: Russian and US Students in Moscow
May 20-June 7

• For CoJMC students interested in international news, public relations and advertising

• Learn the basic formats of video production by producing videos for online distribution with an emphasis on high quality video, audio and content.

• Meet four times during spring semester with Russian students via Skype to work on story development

• Work with Russian students for three weeks in Moscow to produce stories

Luis Peon-Casanova

JOMC 491/891 Sec. 302
Photography, Writing and Social Media in Spain
May 20-June 7

• A cross-cultural experience to develop skills in writing, photography and social media with travel to major cities (Barcelona and Madrid) along with small towns and villages (Andalusia, Cordoba, Toledo, Seville and Granada).

• Meet during spring semester to learn about Spanish culture and brush up on media skills.

Sriyani Tidball

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