New and special for spring 2013

CoJMC special topics
CoJMC special topics

ADPR/JOUR 491 016 Special Topic: Introduction to Sports Communication (Rose)
This survey class will introduce you to sports journalism and sports promotion. It will become the foundational course for a sports track/emphasis in ADPR or JOUR and is open to all CoJMC majors.

ADPR 491/891 007 Special Topic: Advanced Media Relations (Bartling)
Thursdays, 5:30 – 8:20 p.m.

You will learn media relations techniques through lessons on media-relationship building, “what is news?” etiquette/ethics, pitching, news conferences, news releases, media advisories and simple question-answering techniques including talking-point development.
You will master professional level skills in planning, writing and delivering news releases, media pitches, media advisories, backgrounders, online newsrooms and media kits (online and print); scheduling, planning and carrying out media events; live-streaming media events, media tours, social media releases. You also will practice media question-answering techniques and be individually media-trained and critiqued on camera.
This class would be appropriate for PR/advertising students and journalism majors -- anyone who will be working with the media in a for-profit, nonprofit, government entity, entertainment, or sports field.

ADPR 491-891 Special Topic: Sales Leadership (Gade)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

In this course you will analyze and practice the sales cycle and discuss the natural tendencies for buyers and sellers. This course will also cover topics such as: Why certain people do what they do, the importance of relationships, why it’s important to be mentally fit for sales, managing your time to become more productive, the objections you most likely will face during a sales call, presentations, closing and following up with your clients and prospects, goal setting and tracking.

JOUR 491/891 014/701 Special Topic: Social Media for Journalists (Hassler)
Tuesdays, 5:30-8:20 p.m.

This course approaches social media from both the practical and the theoretical perspectives. You will practice hands-on skills and techniques to gather, curate and distribute news and engage communities by using a variety of social media tools, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking, Google+, LinkedIn and Foursquare.
You will study social media best practices, policies and strategies used by news organizations. You will examine the ethical challenges and how news professionals are confronting them. You will analyze social media trends and examples of innovation. And you will explore research and commentary about the ways social media are transforming the media landscape and redefining news.

JOUR 491/891 702 Special Topic: Business and Economic Reporting and Writing (Weber: online course)

This course will help you cut through the politicized chatter about such issues as job growth and unemployment, expansion and recession and the roles business and government play in the economy. You will learn how companies make and lose money, how the stock and commodities markets operate and why people such as Warren Buffett succeed when so many others don’t. You will come to understand the scorecards by which companies and their bosses are judged.
You will come away from this course capable of writing about economic trends as well as business developments. You will feel comfortable writing a news story about an earnings report or, if PR is your forte, writing a corporate earnings release. You will come to understand corporate strategy and how to write about it. And you’ll get some insights into investing by managing your own mock portfolio of stocks.
This course will equip you for internships and jobs in the healthiest areas of journalism and PR today: business journalism and investor relations. But this class would be appropriate for any undergraduate and graduate students who believe a working knowledge of economic and financial issues will help them whatever area of mass communications they plan to enter.

Other special opportunities for spring 2013
ADPR 491/891 001 Agency Practicum (Struthers: Jacht)
JOUR 491/891 012 Developing New Media (Waite)
JOUR 491/891 001 Nebraska Mosaic (Anderson)
JOUR 491/891 004 Nebraska News Service (Quinlan)