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Recent stories
Jun 30 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: 'Unbeatable success' -- 50 years of Pell Grant support at Nebraska colleges and universities

UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green, himself a Pell Grant recipient when he was a college student, is among those interviewed in a story about 50th anniversary of the Pell Grant and the impact it has had upon higher education.

Jun 30 2022
Nebraska Examiner: Flood's close win shows Democrats motivated, Republicans complacent

John Hibbing, political science, quoted in a story about the unexpectedly close contest between Republican Mike Flood and Democrat Patty Pansing Brooks to complete the unexpired term of former U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, who resigned after his conviction for lying to federal authorities about campaign contributions.

Jun 29 2022
Roll Call: Republican Flood fills Fortenberry seat

John Hibbing, political science, offered analysis about Republican Mike Flood's election to the uncompleted Congressional term of Jeff Fortenberry, who resigned after being convicted of lying to authorities about illegal campaign contributions. Flood defeated Democrat Patty Pansing Brooks in a special election.

Jun 29 2022
ProPublica: The Other Cancel Culture

An article co-published with The Chronicle of Higher Education describes how elected officials in Idaho and other red states interact with public universities. Recent actions involving critical race theory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are mentioned in the article.

Jun 27 2022
KLKN: UNL study would use body movements to identify far-away people

A research team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is setting up towers at the Havelock Research Farm in Lincoln to see if people can be identified at long distances by their physical mannerisms. The project is led by Benjamin Riggan, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Jun 26 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: NU's modest budget increase the right thing

The Lincoln Journal Star published a June 26 editorial lauding the modest increase in the University of Nebraska’s general operating budget. “The 2022-23 budget is commendable, providing dollars and cents evidence of the prudent fiscal management begun by (NU President Ted) Carter and the university administration at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago,” the editorial read.

Jun 26 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: 1st District winner will face funding challenge for UNL center

The Lincoln Journal Star’s Don Walton mentioned in a June 26 column that whoever wins Nebraska’s 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this year faces the challenge of securing continued funding for the long-sought U.S. Department of Agriculture research center on Nebraska Innovation Campus.

Jun 26 2022
Omaha World-Herald: Scientists weigh in on Nebraska's unusual hail storms

Gannon Rush, a climatologist in the School of Natural Resources, was interviewed for a June 26 Omaha World-Herald article on whether Nebraska’s unusual hail storms are the new norm. He said this has been the second-worst June for hail in the past 10 years and that the state’s pace of thunderstorms has been well ahead of average.

Jun 24 2022
KMTV: Understanding dog psychology and their connection to people

The university’s Canine Cognition and Human Interaction Lab was featured in a June 24 KMTV story. Jeffrey Stevens, Susan Rosowski Professor of psychology and the lab’s director, was interviewed for the story. KOLN/KGIN picked up the story.

Jun 23 2022
KOLN/KGIN: UNL celebrates 50th anniversary of Title IX

KOLN/KGIN aired a June 23 story on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX. The celebration began June 18 when Nebraska Public Media recorded “Title IX: 50 Years in the Making,” a roundtable discussion featuring former Husker athletes Carol Frost, Peaches James Keaton and Jordan Larson and former Husker women’s basketball assistant coach Brenda VanLengen. Lawrence Chatters, executive associate athletic director for strategic initiatives at Nebraska, was quoted in the story.

Jun 23 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: Regents approve $1B budget for university, hold tuition flat for 2022-23

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents has approved a $1 billion operating budget for 2022-23 that holds tuition flat for the second straight academic year. The Lincoln Journal Star published a June 23 article on the budget. NU President Ted Carter was featured in the story, which has been picked up by the Doniphan Herald, Grand Island Independent, Omaha World-Herald, Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil and Sioux City Journal.

Jun 22 2022
The Atlantic: A mystery that took 13,200 years to crack

Kate Lyons, assistant professor of biological sciences at Nebraska, was interviewed for a June 22 Atlantic article on a new study showing the migration patterns of the Buesching mastodon, discovered near Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1998. Ross Secord, associate professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences at Nebraska, and colleagues at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Michigan used a geochemical process to determine the migration patterns.