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USA Today: Many kids don't have a realistic take on their weight

A National Center for Health Statistics report says about a third of pre-teens and more than a fourth of teenagers misperceive their weight, with some obese and overweight youth underestimating their weight and some healthy youth thinking they were too thin or too fat. Timothy Nelson, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was among the experts interviewed about the findings. The story appeared in multiple outlets nationwide.

Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America -- Nebraska

The Smithsonian Channel's Aerial America program features the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as part of its Aerial America program featuring Nebraska.

Editor and Nebraska J-students go digital from day one

From their first day on campus, journalism students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln use digital techniques to gather and report news.

Yahoo Finance: UNL computer science, engineering listed among "Great Value Colleges"

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is included in a list of 50 colleges that provide great value with engineering and computer science degrees.

CNN: Why you can't stop watching Netflix

CNN Entertainment reporter Todd Leopold takes a look at the secrets of Netflix' success, with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Film Studies professor Wheeler Winston Dixon among the experts he consults. Though Netflix has rearranged the home viewing universe, Dixon doubts it will soon change the movie business. "The main thing (movie) studios have to do is to get people off the couch and into the theaters, and the thing that's going to do that is a huge blockbuster spectacle," he said.

National Public Radio: A twist of fate saves a boy's life.

Faiz Siddiqui and Andrew Dickinson, seniors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications, report the story of Sisay Gudeta, a 7-year-old Ethiopian boy with scoliosis. He recently underwent life-saving surgery to straighten his spine. Siddiqui's story, with Dickinson's photos, appeared on NPR's goats and soda blog, along with a number of other NPR outlets nationwide.

The Associated Press: Nebraska universities win robotic surgery grant

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have been awarded a $1.4 million grant by the U.S. Army for more research into remote-controlled robotic surgery. Researchers at the two institutions have been working with the Army since 2008 to develop miniature robotic technology that would allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures for wounded soldiers who can't be evacuated immediately.

Yahoo News: Four adorable rodent species found

Scott Gardner, director of the H.W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, led a team that has identified four new species of tuco-tuco, a gopher-like rodent that lives in South America.

NBC News: Cute-cute tuco-tuco -- adorable new rodent species found

Researchers working in Bolivia recently discovered four new species of tuck-tuck, a small, gopher-like rodent named for its distinct vocalization. Scientists previously thought only eight species of this adorable critter lived in Bolivia. The effort to identify the new species was led by Scott Gardner, director of the H.W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Science 360: UNL scientist helps identify four new tuco-tuco species in Bolivia

A research team led by Scott Gardner of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has identified four new species of Ctenomys, a genus of gopher-like mammals found in South America. They are commonly called tuco-tucos.


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