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Dec 14 2017
Lincoln Journal Star: Lincoln experiencing record-setting dry spell this fall

Ken Dewey, professor of climatology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Bill Sorensen, a climate scientist with the High Plains Regional Climate Center at Nebraska, were interviewed for a Dec. 14 Lincoln Journal Star story on Lincoln's record-setting dry spell since mid-October. The story later appeared in the Norfolk Daily News and Knoxville (Tennessee) Citizen-Tribune and on KPVI-TV in Pocatello, Idaho.

Dec 12 2017
Business Wire: Virtual Incision announces $18 million in Series B funding

Virtual Incision Corporation has raised $18 million in venture-capital investments for the miniature surgical robot it has developed. The company, located at Nebraska Innovation Campus, was co-founded by Shane Farritor, Lederer Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Dr. Dmitry Oleynikov, chief of gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. A Dec. 12 story on the new funding first appeared in Business Wire and was picked up by several local and national outlets.

Dec 12 2017
Newsweek: Why Alabama Christians will still vote for Roy Moore

In a Dec. 12 Newsweek op-ed, Philip Schwadel, professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, wrote about conservative Christian voters in Alabama supporting Senate candidate Roy Moore despite allegations of sexual misconduct. Schwadel said many Alabamians supported Moore because he is an outspoken opponent of abortion and homosexuality and a proponent of the politicization of Christianity. Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won the election.

Dec 9 2017
Lincoln Journal Star: Recession? What recession?

Eric Thompson, associate professor of economics and director of the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was quoted in a Dec. 9 business column in the Lincoln Journal Star. He disagreed with a news release from the Platte Institute claiming that Nebraska went through a recession recently because it experienced two consecutive quarters of declining gross domestic product. Thompson said national economic principles don't necessarily apply at the state level.

Dec 5 2017
Lincoln Journal Star: Digital breadcrumbs aided search for missing woman

Larry Barksdale, a forensic science assistant professor of practice at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, provides insights in how digital information -- from cellphone signals to ATM transactions and security cameras -- has aided police as they investigate the disappearance of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe, the Lincoln woman whose body was found Dec. 5 in rural Clay County.

Dec 2 2017
Omaha World-Herald: Nebraska researchers to help develop radiation drug pipeline

David Berkowitz, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemistry professor, will collaborate with Kenneth Bayles, associate vice chancellor for basic science research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in efforts to speed research into medications to counteract the effects of radiation exposure, particularly among the armed forces.

Nov 28 2017
The Associated Press: Burned, not barren

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln study showed that grasslands recovered within two years of a major wildfire in Nebraska's Sand Hills. The study disputes prevalent beliefs that the Sand Hills are highly vulnerable to destabilization from wildfire in drought.

Nov 26 2017
Digital Journal: Archaeology unearthing the past using modern technology

Today's archaeologist is a lot different than the swashbuckling, whip-snapping Indiana Jones. Archaeologist Heather Richards-Rissetto of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln says technologies like global positioning systems, magnetometry, statistical analysis and data recording are changing the ways archaeologists do their work.

Nov 25 2017
Lincoln Journal Star: Age matters when it comes to death penalty support

A new study from the University of Nebraska shows that support for the death penalty begins to wane after age 55. The story was carried by other outlets, including the Philadelphia Tribune.

Nov 23 2017
Nebraska Radio Network: Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official holiday

History professor Kenneth Winkle discusses the history of Thanksgiving during a Nebraska Radio Network interview.

Nov 22 2017
Nebraska Radio Network: Giving thanks really can make a difference

Michael Scheel, licensed counseling psychologist and a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said mounting scientific evidence shows gratitude benefits a person's wellbeing.

Nov 22 2017
Public Radio International: Omaha mom-and-pop shop becomes international supplier of inflatable mascot costumes

If you want a high-end inflatable that won't pop when your mascot is bouncing on its head in front of 20,000 people, call Signs & Shapes International, Inc., based in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is limited in how much it can grow because of a shortage of highly skilled tailors with precision and speed. The story carried by numerous public radio stations across the country quoted Michael James, chair of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln textiles, merchandising and fashion design department. Department graduates work at Signs & Shapes.