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Apr 25 2017
The Christian Science Monitor: Campus libraries changing as colleges ditch books

Many campus libraries are moving away from physical books to other functions that administrators say better fit students' needs. Wheeler Winston Dixon, a film studies professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, warns that valuable resource materials could be discarded as libraries are transformed.

Apr 22 2017
The New York Times: 'Sherlock Holmes of Armenian Genocide' uncovers lost evidence

For more than a century, Turkey has denied any role in organizing the killing of Armenians in what historians have accepted as a genocide that began in 1915. A Turkish historian at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, has unearthed a telegram that he calls a "smoking gun" linking a high-level Ottoman Empire official with the deportations and killings of Armenians in eastern Anatolia. However, Bedross Der Matossian, a historian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said he doubts the new finding will lead Turkey to acknowledge the killings as a genocide.

Apr 21 2017
Chemical & Engineering News: How naked mole rats survive oxygen deprivation

Naked mole rats, famed for their lovable ugliness, can survive without oxygen for 18 minutes. University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Jay Storz offers commentary in Science magazine about a new study showing how the animals alter their metabolism to survive in low-oxygen conditions.

Apr 20 2017
United Press International: Can coyotes fill ecological gaps left by lost wolf populations?

Without wolves, coyotes have become de facto top dog throughout the Midwest and East Coast. But new research by University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests coyotes lack the hunting prowess needed to fill the ecological void left by the eastern wolf. The UPI story was carried by other news outlets, including

Apr 19 2017
Today on NBC: Watch this military dad surprise his family -- disguised as a football player

Staff Sgt. Matthew Hawke, a lifelong Husker fan, donned helmet and pads during Nebraska's April 15 spring football game, surprising his wife and children, who thought he would remain in Afghanistan for another 30 days. Hawke's family had been chosen to perform the pre-game coin toss, unaware that the player wearing No. 10 at midfield was him.

Apr 19 2017
New Electronics: Harnessing heat to power computers

A nano-thermal-mechanical device, or thermal diode, developed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers, may allow computers to use heat as an energy source.

Apr 19 2017 Heat, not electricity, could power computers of the future

Cooling computers is one of the biggest problems in the world today, with data centers around the globe spending vast sums to keep equipment at optimum temperature. A pair of engineers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have flipped that idea on its head, by proposing heat as an alternative to electricity. Sidy Ndao's lab has developed a nano-thermal-mechanical device -- basically a thermal diode -- which works at temperatures up to 330 degrees C. It's a proof of concept, not super-efficient yet, but the team believes it could be used to create a computer that can work in environments up t

Apr 18 2017
Lincoln Journal Star: Family's donation helps sustain Nebraska refugee program

Five years ago, Donna and Coyner Smith opened their home to a young woman whose mother, a doctor from Afghanistan, was dying of pancreatic cancer. The young woman, Leemah Nasrati, is now 21 and preparing to graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Smiths say their bond with Nasrati fueled their compassion for refugees from around the world. When they learned that Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska was facing cutbacks, they donated enough money to keep the agency's refugee resettlement offices open for at least another year.

Apr 18 2017
New Atlas: Thermal diode could lead to space-faring computers that run on heat instead of electricity

Electronic systems don't work well in heat -- which is a problem, because heat is a normal byproduct of electricity. Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have now developed a thermal diode, a computer component that runs on heat instead of electricity. This could be the first step towards making heat-resistant computers that can function in extremely hot places.

Apr 17 2017
High Plains Journal: University of Nebraska-Lincoln 'signs' 78 FFA students

FFA members who have committed to attending Nebraska were honored during a signing ceremony during the FFA's annual state convention in Lincoln. John Baylor, the voice of Husker volleyball, announced each of 78 signees, along with their hometowns and intended majors.

Apr 16 2017
ABC World News Tonight: Easter Surprise when soldier suits up as Husker

Matthew Hawk, an U.S. Army staff sergeant, surprised his family by coming home 30 days early from Afghanistan -- just in time to surprise them by suiting up as a Husker for the April 15 spring game.

Apr 16 2017
High Plains Journal: Weller to lead Food Processing Center, Food Science and Technology Department

Curtis Weller has been named head of the Department of Food Science and Technology and director of the Food Processing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has held both roles on an interim basis since August 2016, when his predecessor, Rolando Flores, accepted a position at New Mexico State University.