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Flavorwire: Pop Culture links you need to see

Moze Halperin includes digital literary analysis by University of Nebraska-Lincoln English professor Matthew Jockers among mind-bending research worth checking out. Jockers' latest work analyzed 40,000 novels and concluded they have six basic plot lines.

The Independent (London): All fiction follows one of six story lines

"Pride and Prejudice" might seem quite different from "Carry On Jeeves," but University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Matthew Jockers, using computer analysis, concludes they have similar plots.

Daily Mail: The basic plots of fiction -- just six story lines

Matthew Jockers, professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, used a high-tech computing to analyze 40,000 novels. He boiled the story lines down into six typical plot structures.

All Voices: Mold-related toxin found in oat-based cereal and other foods

In a 2013 study, University of Nebraska-LIncoln graduate student Lakshmi Gompa found Ochratoxin A, a mold-related toxin and suspected carcinogen in coffee, cocoa and meat. A recent study found it most frequently in oat-based breakfast cereals. Gompa worked in the laboratory of Andreia Bianchini, a research assistant professor in food processing. .

Knowledge@Wharton: Beware social media's invisible audience

Amanda Gailey, assistant professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, talks about the destructive power of public shaming by a "digital mob" on internet social media sites. Gailey specializes in digital text editing and teaches a class called "Being Human in a Digital Age."

Feb262015 Cattle-herd rebuilding on track

Kate Brooks, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln livestock marketing specialist, says herds are being rebuilt, though some tight market conditions will continue through 2015.

The Times (UK): Computer reads between the lines to find only six plots

Matthew Jockers, an English professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has identified the six basic plots of our literary canon. Jockers used computer programming to do a quantitative analysis of more than 40,000 novels.

Voice of America: Life deep under Arctic Ice Sheet

Using a hot-water drill developed and built by University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers, scientists from Norther Illinois University discovered a thriving marine community beneath the Ross Ice Shelf.

Feb252015 Legal debate swirls around private lunar venture

Matthew Schaefer, director of the Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program at the University of Nebraska College of Law, says the FAA has taken an important step to give increased certainty to private investors in commercial space activities -- but more action will be needed. Yahoo! News also carried the story.

Feb252015 "Net neutrality" moves FCC beyond its legal authority

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to adopt its controversial open internet rules this week. University of Nebraska Law Professor Gus Hurwitz said legal challenges will soon follow. "These rules face a bleak future in court," he said, "because they clearly exceed the intended scope of the commission's statutory authority."


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