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Recent stories
Feb 16 2018
The Washington Post: Mormon Church has lost powerful status in D.C.

Max Perry Mueller, assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was interviewed for a Feb. 16 Washington Post story on Mitt Romney running for Senate and the Mormon Church losing some of its status on Capitol Hill.

Feb 14 2018
NET News: Nebraska celebrates 100th anniversary of Cather's 'My Antonia'

Andrew Jewell, professor of digital projects and editor of the Willa Cather Archive at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was interviewed for a Feb. 14 NET News story on the state celebrating the 100th anniversary of Cather's novel "My Antonia."

Feb 13 2018
Radio Sputnik: ISS privatization would require renegotiation

Frans von der Dunk, professor of space law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was interviewed for Radio Sputnik on Feb. 13 about President Donald Trump's desire to privatize the International Space Station. He said such a fundamental change would require renegotiation of the space station agreement.

Feb 13 2018
Omaha World-Herald: Omaha jazz trumpeter Mason Prince dies at 92

Tom Larson, assistant professor of musical composition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was quoted in a Feb. 13 Omaha World-Herald article on Omaha jazz trumpeter Mason Prince, who died Feb. 7. Larson recently wrote a piece in his friend's honor, titled "The Prince," to be played at the funeral service. The story also appeared in the Norfolk Daily News.

Feb 9 2018
Lincoln Journal Star: Successful UNL curlers happy with local growth

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students Harrison Hruby, a junior computer science major, and Logun Gunderson, a freshman biological sciences and psychology major, were interviewed for a Feb. 9 Lincoln Journal Star article on the Nebraska Curling Club. The club has competed in the curling national championships every year since its formation in 2007, finishing second last year.

Feb 8 2018
Omaha World-Herald: Student competes on 'Jeopardy!,' makes trivia-obsessed family proud

The Omaha World-Herald ran a feature story on Alex Hotovy, a senior advertising and public relations and history major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, on Feb. 8. Hotovy competed on "Jeopardy!" in November. The episode will air Feb. 8.

Feb 6 2018
NET News: Growing hops in Nebraska

Stacy Adams, associate professor of practice in agronomy and horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was interviewed about growing hops in Nebraska for NET News' Signature Story on Feb. 6. Adams is leading a multi-year study to see if hops can be grown in the state and if the resulting pinecone-like blooms are viable as a niche revenue crop for producers.

Feb 4 2018
Omaha World-Herald: Film based on UNL alum's book wins Sundance award

A new movie based on University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumna Emily Danforth's 2012 novel "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" won the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize on Jan. 31. The win was mentioned in a Feb. 4 column in the Omaha World-Herald, which also appeared in the Norfolk Daily News.

Feb 2 2018 Is innovative football helmet worth the high cost?

Arthur Maerlender, research associate professor in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior, was interviewed for a Feb. 2 story on the VICIS Zero1 football helmet recently becoming available to the public. He said the verdict is out on whether the helmet is any safer than others and that there is no equipment guaranteed to eliminate concussions. The story appeared on and more than 10 other media outlets across the country.

Feb 1 2018
Omaha World-Herald: Last year's cash hauls for Ashford, Eastman could mean competitive primary

Kevin Smith, professor and chair of political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was quoted in a Feb. 1 Omaha World-Herald article on year-end financial disclosure reports by Democratic 2nd District congressional candidates Brad Ashford and Kara Eastman. Smith said the primary was likely to be competitive. The story also appeared in the Norfolk Daily News.

Jan 31 2018
Science 360: New technique eases production, customization of soft robotics

On Jan. 31, the National Science Foundation's Science 360 website featured a University of Nebraska-Lincoln video on a new technique for soft robotics. Stephen Morin, assistant professor of chemistry at Nebraska, and his colleagues have detailed a method for more strongly bonding plastics with silicones, offering new possibilities for fabricating fluid-carrying channels that are commonly used to direct the motion of soft robotic components.

Jan 31 2018
Kearney Hub: UNL climatologist says Nebraska extremes are challenging, never boring

Ken Dewey, regional climatologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was featured in a Jan. 31 article in the Kearney Hub. He said he is fascinated by Nebraska's extreme and unpredictable weather. The story also ran in the Grand Island Independent.