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Jun 17 2017
USA TODAY: Drive-in movies thrive in streaming world

Wheeler Winston Dixon, film studies, discusses the appeal and history of drive-in movies, in a USA TODAY feature on theaters that cater to tourists.

Jun 16 2017
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Great Plains wildfires soar

The grasslands of the Great Plains have seen one of the sharpest increases in large and dangerous wildfires in the past three decades, a study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers shows. The story originated in the Washington Post. It also appeared in the Standard-Examiner in Ogden, Utah.

Jun 16 2017
Washington Post: Scientists find 400 percent increase in wildfire destruction in Great Plains

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln study shows that large and dangerous wildfires have more than tripled from 1985 to 2014 -- with the area of destruction growing by more than 400 percent.

Jun 14 2017
Wallethub: Ask the experts about credit card reward programs

James Gentry, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln business professor, is among experts sharing insights about credit cards that offer rewards programs. He says rewards create a "silver lining effect" that encourages people to use the cards.

Jun 12 2017
ABC News: Northern Iraq refugees create national cemetery in Nebraska

A new cemetery for Yazidi refugees from norther Iraq has been established in southeast Nebraska. Stephen Lahey, professor of classics and religious studies at Nebraska, says establishing a cemetery is an symbol of the Yazidi success story. Lincoln has the highest Yazidi population in the United States. The cemetery will serve Yazidi people from across the nation. The story originated in the Lincoln Journal Star and was distributed by the Associated Press.

Jun 7 2017 New approach could transform semiconductor tech

A team of physicists at Nebraska has demonstrated a reversible method for altering the electronic properties of a nanoscopic material, pointing the way toward merging several hallmark functions of modern electronics into a single component.

Jun 6 2017
Communities Digital News: London Bridge takes a temporary fall as terrorphobia rises

Mario Scalora, a psychology professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, offers tips for "living life and moving forward" in a world of terrorism. His comments originally appeared in U.S. News & World Report.

Jun 5 2017 Donald Trump doesn't care what you think about national monuments

University of Nebraska law professor Sandra Zellmer discusses President Trump's policies on national monuments. The story originated on Grist and was later posted by Salon.

Jun 5 2017
Politifact: Drought monitor confirms Al Gore is right about Florida drought

In a speech in Florida, former Vice President Al Gore criticized President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement. He said 70 percent of Florida in in drought. Politifact checked into it and said Gore correctly cited the U.S. Drought Monitor, a partnership involving the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's National Drought Mitigation Center. However, weather experts cautioned that it's not wise to link specific weather events in a single area to global warming. There have been similarly extensive drought periods in Florida since the drought monitor began mappi

Jun 5 2017
Feedstuffs: University of Nebraska-Lincoln to open Veterinary Diagnostic Center

A grand opening celebration for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's new Veterinary Diagnostic Center was scheduled for June 9. The new facility will provide improved laboratory services for veterinarians and livestock producers and new learning opportunities for Nebraska veterinary students.

Jun 3 2017
Scottsbluff Star Herald: Laura Bush lauds Willa Cather's timeless tales

Former First Lady Laura Bush delivered the keynote address at the opening of the National Willa Cather Center after a decade of planning and a $7 million fundraising effort. Andy Jewell, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln English professor who co-edited a volume of Cather's letters, described the ambitious and visionary decision to launch the center. The story originated in the Omaha World-Herald and was distributed by BH News Service.

Jun 3 2017
Hastings Tribune: From the prairie to Grand Central Station, historic places are part of Cather's legacy

During a recent conference, University of Nebraska-Lincoln English professor Melissa Homestead was among scholar discussing the historic places touched by author Willa Cather. Those places included Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Cather lived on Park Avenue near the terminal in her later years and often mentioned it in her letters, Homestead said.