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LiveScience: Northern European parasites found in 500-year-old Jerusalem latrine

A 500-year-old latrine under excavation in Jerusalem revealed eggs from human parasites commonly found in Northern Europe. It's an indication that the people who used the latrine were long-distance traders or religious pilgrims. Karl Reinhard, a natural resource sciences professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, praised the findings, saying researchers did an excellent job of combining archaeology and parasitology.

Palm Beach Post: Blue grama grass a great design plant

Benjamin Vogt, an English lecturer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and landscape designer, discusses his love for "Bouteloua gracilis" -- blue grama grass in a column published by the Houzz web site.

Minnesota Public Radio: Reese talks about music for a living

Classical music radio host Emily Reese talks about her journey from U university of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate student and Nebraska Public Radio newscaster to hosting classical music programs for American Public Media in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The Northwest Indiana Times: Teams heading to Lincoln for Science Olympiad

Teams from Munster and Valparaiso in northwest Indiana have qualified for this year's National Science Olympiad in April at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Mar262015 Academics and journalist blast "60 Minutes" for covering Africa without quoting Africans

In an effort led by Howard W. French, associate professor of journalism at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, more than 150 academics and journalists have signed a letter criticizing "60 Minutes" for stories from Africa that did not quote Africans. In a piece last year, the CBS news magazine reported upon the ebola epidemic but quoted no Liberians. A "60 Minutes" official said the program is proud of its coverage of Africa, but has invited French to further discuss the matter. Alice Kang of the Institute for Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was among the ac

Mar262015 Climate change is spreading diseases you haven't even heard of yet

Daniel Brooks, professor emeritus at Toronto University and a senior research fellow at the H.W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology, describes the disease problems that could be caused by climate change. He calls for a global inventory of species, to help scientists predict where disease will strike next.

Seminole Voice: How to explain conservativism

Columnist Chris Jepson discusses research by University of Nebraska-Lincoln political scientist John Hibbing in a piece about the physiological differences between conservatives and liberals.

Iowa Public Radio: Should one agency manage all food safety?

Altogether, 15 federal agencies play a role in food safety, from the EPA to the Centers for Disease Control. Steve Taylor, a food scientist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says the rising amount of imported food strains the system, with regulators behind in inspecting foreign food facilities. Observers, however, say it would take a legal, regulatory and cultural shift to streamline the U.S. food inspection process.

Wired: Proton smasher back to full power

In the fall of 2008, CERN's high-energy physicists ran into a problem. A faulty electronic connection at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland caused a couple of magnets to overheat and melt, triggering an explosion and leading to months of delays. "It was pretty depressing when we broke the accelerator," said Aaron Dominguez, a physicist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "It was not a good day." The machine was repaired and, running it at half capacity to prevent future accidents, physicists used it to discover the Higgs boson in 2012. Now, after a two-year hiatus for upgrades, the

Delmarva Now: Student experiments to launch from Wallops

NASA will fly six experiments developed by undergraduate students from Wallops Flight Facility Friday. They include a project from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to analyze the difference between crystal growth in microgravity and normal gravity. WTKR, Newschannel 3 in Hampton Roads, Va., also reported on the upcoming rocket launch.


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