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Lincoln Journal Star: Study shows historic tax credits added $120 million to Nebraska economy

The university's Bureau of Business Research concluded that the Nebraska Historic Tax Credit generated more than $120 million in economic activity and 1,635 full-time jobs in 2015.

Science Daily: Making it harder to 'outsmart' concussion protocols

An equation that combines multiple subtest scores into one could make it harder for athletes to fool concussion protocols intended to keep them off the field until they've recovered from a head injury. Experts believe some athletes, in hopes of a quicker post-injury return to play, may "sandbag" concussion tests by giving a a lackadaisical baseline performance.

BTN LiveBIG: How a Nebraska startup is rethinking what's for dinner

Try not to bug out, but there's a Nebraska company that thinks you aren't exactly getting your daily dose of whole foods. Bugeater Foods, a company founded by University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduates, sees crickets and other arthropods as a sustainable and nutrient-packed source of fiber and nutrients.

WETM-TV: Could fermented foods boost your health?

WETM-TV, an NBC affiliate in Elmira, N.Y., quotes University of Nebraska-Lincoln food scientist Robert Hutkins in a report on the benefit of fermented foods to gastrointestinal health. The story originated with WebMD.

KLKN: New equation makes it harder to "outsmart" concussion tests

An equation developed by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher could make it harder for athletes to fool concussion protocols so they can return to play sooner.

Washington Post: These are the American people Trump calls enemies of the American people

Columnist Dana Milbank talks about the reporters that President Trump has criticized and labeled "the enemy of the American people." They include a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan and now serves as Pentagon correspondent for the Post, and Jenna Johnson, who grew up in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska. Johnson, whose parents run a weekly newspaper in eastern Iowa, first began working for the Washington Post as a student intern.

KLKN: New equipment speeds response to animal diseases

A new instrument has enabled veterinarians at the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to identify potentially deadly bacteria in a matter of minutes -- compared to the days it once took to identify pathogens via lab culture.

Lincoln Journal Star: Leaks and whistleblowers part of American culture, professors say

Much as President Donald Trump dislikes leaks of government information, they date back to George Washington, University of Nebraska-Lincoln experts say. Law Dean Richard Moberly, an expert on whistleblower law, and journalism professors John Bender and Sue Burzynski Bullard talk about the pros and cons of reporting based upon leaks and whistleblowers.

Lincoln Journal Star: Nebraska undergraduate wins JumpStart contest

Gregory Nail, a computer engineering major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, won a $2,000 prize during the fifth annual JumpStart entrepreneurship competition for his startup company, Goodi. The business distributes promotional products from companies to students for free, allowing companies to advertise at little cost.

Omaha World-Herald: Sasse's goal still to 'wreck' Obamacare

Despite his campaign promise to fight Obamacare, U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., hasn't yet offered a plan to repeal and replace the measure, nor is he on any of the relevant committees that will draft a health care bill. Sasse said he isn't backing off and has been working behind the scenes. University of Nebraska-Lincoln political science professor John Hibbing observes that coming up with a replacement plan is more challenging than criticizing the health care law.


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