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The Associated Press: Lincoln senator advocates for dyslexia awareness

In a story about proposed legislation recognizing dyslexia, University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors Dennis and Victoria Molfese talk about how dyslexic students fall between the cracks in the school system.

U.S. News & World Report: Democracy vs. the people

Upcoming elections around the world will show if Donald Trump and Brexit are examples of an ongoing global movement. Courtney Hillebrecht of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is among political scientists discussing international politics.

Yahoo News: Key Elections in 2017

Yahoo News picks up round-up of important global elections, a story that originated in U.S. News & World Report. Courtney Hillebrecht, associate professor of political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers analysis of elections in the Netherlands, Rwanda and Chile.

KBIA: Farm economy braces for another year in the red

Farms with the most debt are expected to be the first to run into trouble as low prices are anticipated for the fourth straight year. However, University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural economist Brad Lubben said the farm sector should be able to weather the storm. KBIA, a NPR station in Columbia, Mo., and Iowa Public Radio are among outlets that carried the story produced by Harvest Public Media.

High Country News: Tools for the wannabe Western prognosticator

The U.S. Drought Monitor, a joint project of the USDA, NOAA and the National Drought Mitigation Center, is highlighted as good source of weather and climate information by the Paonia, Colorado, news outlet.

WOWK News: Dombrowski named to American Health Council's education board

University of Nebraska-Lincoln anthropologist Kirk Dombrowski has been named to the education board at the American Health Council. In announcing the selection, the council cited Dombrowski's knowledge and expertise in social network analysis in health, rural public health and drug abuse. A news release announcing Dombrowski's selection was published by news outlets across the country.

The Associated Press: Wouldn't it be cool if it could actually work?

Political science professor Ari Kohen is among the Lincoln residents interviewed about living in a county that was nearly evenly divided between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Quality Assurance & Food Safety: E. coli Project generates new detection, control methods

After making strides in the detection and control of a dangerous microbe that has bedeviled the beef industry, a broad-ranging E. coli research program will continue at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at least through 2017.

WCVB (Boston): Scientists still aren't sure how fruit flies can drink so much alcohol

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln biologist and other scientists found a long-held hypothesis on how fruit flies adapted high tolerance for alcohol didn't hold up when tested in living fruit flies.

Science Daily: New study refutes how fruit flies developed their tolerance for alcohol

A biologist from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her colleagues tested a long-held hypothesis about how fruit flies evolved their tolerance for alcohol. Kristi Montooth worked with her former undergraduate student, who now is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Chicago. They refuted the hypothesis after they found fruit flies with the genetic change had no better tolerance for alcohol than those without it.


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