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Inside Indiana Business: "Joe Journeyman" more than a book

David Bazzoni, University of Nebraska-Lincoln alum and president of IDNA Brands in Warsaw, Ind., tells how he and his childhood friend, artist Jed Bruce, developed an NFL-licensed children's book. Part of the profits from the search-and-find book will be donated to children's charities.

TWILA TV: Succession planning for farmers

Ron Hansen, professor of agribusiness at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, urges farmers to plan how to pass their farm to future generations. Hansen's talk during the Louisiana Farm Bureau convention was covered by TWILA (This Week in Louisiana Agriculture) TV program and carried by Louisiana TV stations.

Jul302015 Eat more vegetables to boost health and economy touted a University of Nebraska-Lincoln study that indicated people have a lower average Body Mass Index in countries that eat a higher proportion of vegetables. "Reduce your waist line, and your risk of disease, by adding a few more locally grown peaches, tomatoes and beans to your diet," the editorial said.

San Jose Mercury News: State residents cut water use 27 percent in June

California water officials are encouraged that state residents reduced water usage by more than 27 percent in June, the second month they exceeded Gov. Jerry Brown's 25 percent target. The U.S. Drought Monitor, a partnership that includes the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, reports that 95 percent of California remains in severe drought. The story ran in several California newspapers.

Yahoo! Finance: Most cosmetic product claims deemed false

A new study by marketing researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Valdosta State University in Georgia shows that the vast majority of magazine cosmetic ads are vague, deceptive or omit key information. Versions of this story appeared on local newscasts and programs across the country, including Colorado's Best on KWGN in Denver and WCCO TV in Minneapolis,

Los Angeles Times: The mini-mogul behind Relativity Media said he'd change Hollywood, now he faces bankruptcy

"Here's a guy who comes in with a lot of money, a lot of chutzpah, and a lot of connections," said Wheeler Winston Dixon, a film studies professor at UNL. "But it's really the choices that were made in terms of what films he was making. If you look at the films and what they made, there's your problem." The story appeared in several papers across the country, including the Seattle News Tribune and the Miami Herald.

CBS News: Most 'scientific' beauty product claims are bogus, study finds

Researchers at UNL analyzed 289 makeup, hair care, fragrance and skin care advertisements from fashion magazines and found fewer than one of five of claims was considered truthful by a panel of readers. Ads that used scientific language to describe the benefits were even less persuasive.

The Associated Press: Other states investigating Nebraska's groundwater management system

California, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas and South Dakota are among states inquiring about Nebraska's groundwater management system. Nebraska regulates its groundwater more heavily than any other state, but it delegates an unusual amount of its regulatory authority to local natural resources districts, said Karina Schoengold, an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The story was carried by Farm Journal's AgWeb news service.

The Washington Post: How Americans can lose a lot of weight without giving up a single calorie

According to a UNL study, Americans could cut 2.57 points off their average Body Mass Index score by adopting a Greek diet; 2.13 points by eating like Finns; 1.96 by adopting a French diet and 1.48 by eating like the Japanese. The July 27 Post story was carried by at least 60 news outlets nationwide.

BTN LiveBIG: Nebraska, Maryland historians uncover fascinating details of American slavery

"It's not '12 Years a Slave,' but '100 years a Slave Family,'" said Will Thomas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln history professor, while describing ongoing research into court records that detail legal quests for freedom by slave families in the first decades of the 19th Century.


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