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The New York Times: A mission to bring STEM skills, and robots, to children in West Africa

Sidy Ndao, a Sengalese-born engineering professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has made it his mission to help further science, technology, engineering and math education in West Africa. The story appeared in many outlets across the country, including the Seattle Times and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Cosmos: Big spider eyes put more insects on the menu

Jay Stafstrom, a biologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, set out to find the net-casting spider evolved the largest eyes in the spider world. The story bout his research appeared in Cosmos, an Australian literary science magazine with worldwide circulation.

Popular Science: Nebraska drone starts fires to fight fires

In late April, the drone successfully burnt 26 acres of grass in a test at Homestead National Monument. Craig Allen, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln expert on invasive species management, says prescribed burns are one of the most effective tools to restore grassland ecologies and prevent wildfires.

CBS News: What's up with this spider's enormous eyes?

Florida's net-casting spiders emerge at night, startling onlookers with their record-breaking enormous eyes. Jay Stafstrom, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln biological sciences doctoral student, spent two months in a Florida state park observing the spiders. He found the spiders need their huge eyes to capture prey on foot. This story originated on LiveScience and also was published on Fox News Science, Mashable and Yahoo sites worldwide.

Beatrice Daily Sun: Wind power in the classroom

Working with the Science Literacy Initiative of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, a Beatrice Middle School teacher helps sixth graders build wind turbine models.

Discovery News: Spider's enormous eyes give it a nocturnal edge

Scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln say they have made a direct link between the enormous eyes of a net-casting spider and its ability to hunt at night. The study was co-authored by Jay Stafstrom and Eileen Hebets, biological sciences

Rheinische Post: Will Assassin's Creed be the first successful video game movie?

A newly released trailer for the video game-based movie Assassin's Creed raises questions why there has yet to be successful movie adaptation of a video games. In a German-language story,Wheeler Winston Dixon, a film studies professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says movies aren't as interactive as games.

Science Daily: What big eyes you have! Spider adaptation widened dietary net

A new study from UNL biologists has revealed that the net-casting spider's secondary eyes -- the largest of any arachnid -- likely evolved to help it capture walking prey.

AgProfessional: UNL researchers to develop new phenotyping tool

A three-year, $534,194 grant from the National Science Foundation will be used by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers to develop a new tool that will better identify plant characteristics. Multi-wavelength laser imaging and ranging instrument will be developed at Nebraska Innovation Campus facilities by Yufeng Ge, biological systems engineering; Hongfeng Yu, computer science and engineering; and Harkama Walia, agronomy and horticulture.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Don't fall for a can-do fantasy

Though different, Sheryl Sandberg and Donald Trump both testify to America's susceptibility to potentially dangerous fairy tails: narratives of can-do individualism promoted by wealthy celebrities blind to their own privilege. An op-ed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln English professor Rhonda Garelick was originally published in the Los Angeles Times. It also has appeared in the Sidney Morning Herald in Australia and the Athens, Georgia, Banner-Herald.


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