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Jan 13 2022
KFOR: Jennifer Ryan discusses continuing supply chain issues

Jennifer Ryan, Cope Professor and chair of supply chain management and analytics, was interviewed for a Jan. 13 segment on KFOR’s “Lincoln Live.” She discussed continuing supply chain issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan 13 2022
Norfolk Daily News: UNL is part of global on-farm research movement

On-Farm Experimentation is a growing phenomenon worldwide, and a new journal article co-authored by Laura Thompson, associate extension educator with Nebraska Extension, explains that global dimension and the opportunities to better coordinate conventional agronomic research with producer-generated findings and analysis. Stories on the article have appeared in Nebraska Ag Connection, the Norfolk Daily News and The Fence Post.

Jan 12 2022
KMTV: 'Galactic Quest' program helps kids learn STEM over winter break

Eleven University of Nebraska–Lincoln students devoted part of their winter break to a “winternship,” teaching science fundamentals to K-8 students in a 4-H-backed science and technology program called “Galactic Quest.” Stories on the program have appeared in the Blair Enterprise and KMTV.

Jan 12 2022 Process improves strength, color of feather-based fibers

Domesticated chickens in the United States alone produce more than 2 billion pounds of feathers annually. Yiqi Yang, Charles Bessey Professor of textiles, merchandising and fashion design, and biological systems engineering, and colleagues have taken another step toward putting that byproduct of the food industry to use in the textiles industry. ran a Jan. 12 article on the research.

Jan 11 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: UNL law professor wins national award for pro bono program

Ryan Sullivan, clinical associate professor of law, has been named the 2022 Access to Justice Award recipient for his work with the Tenant Assistance Project, the Lincoln Journal Star reported Jan. 11. The Association of American Law Schools' award honors those who manage pro bono programs and who have removed barriers to justice or improved legal services to people unable to pay. Richard Moberly, dean of the College of Law, was quoted in the article.

Jan 11 2022
Entomology Today: The unique challenges of responding to desert locust outbreaks

Jody Green, an urban entomologist with Nebraska Extension, wrote a Jan. 11 article titled “The unique challenges of responding to desert locust outbreaks” for Entomology Today. The recent locust plague is estimated to have affected 25 million people and cost $1.3 billion in damage in 23 countries, she wrote.

Jan 11 2022
KLKN: 2022 Nebraska Business Hall of Fame honorees announced

The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Business have announced three new inductees into the Nebraska Business Hall of Fame: Mike McCarthy (McCarthy Capital), John Sampson (Sampson Construction) and Gloria Thesenvitz (Nova-Tech Inc.). Stories on the new inductees have appeared in KFOR, KLKN and News Channel Nebraska.

Jan 10 2022 How the Union defended Washington, D.C., during the Civil War

Kenneth J. Winkle, Thomas C. Sorensen Professor of American History at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, was interviewed for a Jan. 10 article on how the Union defended Washington, D.C., during the Civil War. “The two capitals (Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia) were so vital that the capture of either one would end the war,” said Winkle, author of “Lincoln’s Citadel: The Civil War in Washington, D.C.”

Jan 10 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: Journalist Lisa Ling joins UNL's MLK celebration week

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s MLK Week celebration will feature a moderated conversation with Lisa Ling, executive producer and host of CNN’s “This is Life,” on Jan. 19. The Lincoln Journal Star ran a Jan. 10 article on the virtual MLK Commemoration.

Jan 10 2022
KOLN/KGIN: Lincoln on Orkin's Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list

Kait Chapman, an urban entomologist with Nebraska Extension, was interviewed for a Jan. 10 KOLN/KGIN story on Lincoln making the list of Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities for the first time. She recommended people do routine bed bug checks at their homes and inspect sheets, mattresses and other furniture when traveling.

Jan 10 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: Tech company expansion would help connect park, Haymarket, officials say

A major expansion of J.A. Woollam Co. would help connect a future downtown park to the Haymarket area, officials told the Lincoln City Council during a public hearing Jan. 10. The Lincoln Journal Star published an article on the hearing. The company, which makes light-measuring instruments called spectroscopic ellipsometers, was founded by John Woollam, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Nebraska.

Jan 10 2022
Lincoln Journal Star: Architecture dean named UNL's chief academic officer

Katherine Ankerson, dean of the College of Architecture, has been named the next executive vice chancellor for academic affairs at Nebraska. Stories on the announcement have appeared in the Doniphan Herald, Hastings Tribune, KLKN, Lincoln Journal Star and Norfolk Daily News.