Student Spotlight: Bri Cassidy

Bri Cassidy Communication Studies Major
Bri Cassidy Communication Studies Major

Bri is a Junior Communication Studies and Sociology double major.

How did you find Communication Studies?
When I first knew I was going to attend UNL, Communication Studies was the major that really caught my attention. Luckily since I’ve enrolled, I have not had to switch, only add another major!

What do you like most about being a Communication Studies major?
I really enjoy the interaction-based focus inside the classroom. I feel like the presentations, research, speeches, and projects that we do with our peers has allowed for better application beyond the classroom. It’s not just about memorizing things to pass a test.

What has been your favorite class?
My top 3 have been: Family Comm, Organizing for Social Change, and Research Methods. Family Comm is a favorite because family is everything to me, and growing up in a non-traditional household made it really interesting to learn about different family dynamics. Organizing for Social Change is simply put by the title - we live in a world where change is needed, and this class opens doors to potential opportunities to do so. Research Methods was really interesting because now having the tools to actually understand what an academic journal is saying, has really increased my desire to dive into research.

What are some of the cool experiences you have had here as a student at UNL?
Being a student-athlete on the softball team has allowed for so many amazing opportunities to experience things outside of my sport. The volunteer opportunities have been endless, and that has been the most rewarding. Being able to go out into the community to speak to kids, give back to those who could never give anything in return, or just simply taking the time to hang out and get to know someone is amazing. These people remember you, and knowing you made an impact in their life or inspired them is greater than any win we could get on the field.

What are your post-graduation plans?
My plan is to pursue my Master's degree, and if that is done here at UNL then I would love to be a part of the MAIAA (Masters of Arts in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration) so I could one day be a leader in an athletic department and help athletes. Or possibly even a coach!

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