Tony Lazarowicz
Tony Lazarowicz

Thank You!

As my time as president comes to an end, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for your continued participation in UAAD. As one of the organizations on campus that is recognized by administration as a key organization for staff, our continued work to provide professional development, networking and leadership opportunities is crucial. I am proud of the work we have done this year despite the weather not cooperating with us on multiple months. We have engaged a wide range of staff members and have raised our voices to administration on a few occasions this past year. What we do matters and I hope you feel that UAAD enriches your experience as a staff member here at Nebraska.
I hope you all take a moment to reflect back on this year and ask how you may be able to get more involved with the activities that UAAD hosts. Maybe it would just be attending more monthly meetings. Maybe it’s attending a professional development or networking event. Maybe you are feeling called to take on a leadership role and be more involved in the association. However you are involved , let me just once again say thanks for including UAAD as an organization you are a member of. I look forward to supporting Lori Bennet Baumli as our incoming president and hope you will find ways to share your ideas on how to continue to make UAAD an organization that best supports you in your work at Nebraska.

Year-End Report Available in Early July

We wanted to try to capture what we’ve done this past year as an organization and share with you, as members, in the form of a report. Once the fiscal year is complete, June 30th, we will publish the report on the website and e-mail to you in our next newsletter. If you have questions about the report, feel free to contact Tony Lazarowicz at

Originally published June 28, 2019 - Submit an Item