Ranelle Maltas
Ranelle Maltas

President’s Letter for July 2020

There have been many changes to campus the past several months. With that there are several changes occurring to UAAD to help adapt to the new normal while it lasts.

Our first big change is to combine resources with UNOPA during the year. You will see the theme, Forward Together, throughout the year. This is coming about through the work of both presidents during the past fiscal year. Both organizations have a lot of overlap in our missions and we feel this will make the best use of our limited resources and time. With a waning interest in volunteer support, it provides a unique opportunity for us take advantage of each other’s strengths.

The logo for this campaign is the U2 logo you see with this article and represents both organizations with the ‘U’ to the power of two. The arrow in the two represents both organizations moving forward together. You’ll see both organizations listed five times each in the surrounding circle, one for each decade we have almost been in existence. The circle unites us as a community sharing our skills, knowledge and friendship.

Our monthly meetings will include members from both UAAD & UNOPA. We will meet the third Wednesday of each month. These meetings will be referred to as a ‘U2 meeting’ instead of UAAD meeting or UNOPA meeting. We will alternate months so the first meeting in September will be an informative program and the next month a social activity. To accommodate those with alternate work site arrangements, we will do our best to offer an online option for programs.

The big second change is related to the June announcement to campus that our cloud document storage is moving to OneDrive and team communication will be Microsoft Teams beginning in 2022. To provide you a safe space to get to know more about Teams, we have created the UNL-U2 UAAD & UNOPA Team. You can click the link and join. We will share our resources and you can communicate in this space while learning about Teams. Our website at will continue to be a resource and information will be posted in both places.

Lainey and myself look forward to the challenge of the upcoming year and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we move UAAD and UNOPA Forward Together.

Ranelle Maltas
2020-21 UAAD President


2020-21 UAAD Leadership Introductions

Happy Fiscal New Year! July starts a new term for the leadership of UAAD. With the closing of campus back in March, we did not get the chance to properly introduce everyone in person, so a virtual introduction is the best we can do.

Ranelle Maltas is the President, she moved up to this position after serving as President-Elect last year. Ranelle works in Human Resources where she trains various workshops and assists with technology and website needs for the department.

There is currently no one in the position of President-Elect. If you are interested, please contact Ranelle. with the changes on campus that this position seems intimidating, but there are lots of changes occurring and you can be leader in them.

Karen Wills is our Secretary for the second year in a row. Karen works as the University Program Council (UPC) Program Coordinator for Student Involvement.

Andrea Schreiber returns to the Treasurer position this year after serving as the Employee Liaison last year. Andrea is the Grants Coordinator for Sponsored Programs.

The rest of the leadership team includes some familiar faces and two new faces, Ryan Fette and Marnie Nelson. While not new to UAAD, they are new to leadership with us.
• Past President, Lori Bennett Baumli
• Member-at-large, Tony Lazarowicz (Historian/Bylaws)
• Member-at-large, Van Gardiner
• Membership Chair, Sneha Bhoir
• Professional Development Chair, Deb Eisloeffel
• Programs Chair, Ryan Fette
• Community Outreach, Marnie Nelson

Chair positions are currently open for three committees: Employee Liaison, Publicity & Public Relations, and UAAD Connect. If you are curious about the involvement, duties, etc. for any of these positions, please contact Ranelle.

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