Ranelle Maltas
Ranelle Maltas

2020-09-23 President's Letter

With everything that has turned our personal and work life upside-down, how have you been able to continue investing in your and your teams' professional development? 

I barely remember my goals for the year that I planned to achieve on my last employee evaluation. I am also fairly certain that I have not reached those goals. So many events have been postponed or rescheduled, that it has been hard to find ways to continue improving my skills. While there are online opportunities, I find that I'm lacking in motivation at times to actually attend as I'm burnt out on screen time. 

There is a great article from the SHRM Blog on "Reskilling and Upskilling Your Workforce for the Post-Covid-19 Era" that addresses the need to continue the focus on keeping your skills and your teams' skills current. It may be a plan to upskill your team to take on new projects or work with new tools. It may also be the need to reskill employees who may need to find work in another area. Be conscious about where you or your employees will need to be with their skills when the pandemic is over. You want to make sure that everyone can be successful beyond today.

I'm adding this question to our Teams discussion. I'd love to hear what resources you have discovered lately and have been able to learn from. Also, any tips for staying motivated for learning would be appreciated.

Originally published September 23, 2020 - Submit an Item